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every can across Europe!

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Every Can Counts

Our job is to help you recycle every drink can when you’re on-the-go and away from home.

Why? Because every recycled can helps preserve the Earth’s resources, creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

Cans are made of metal, which is endlessly recyclable. If we collect and recycle all the cans we use, then we create a perfect circle, with no wasted materials.

That’s why we’re working with people to recycle their cans wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

Our vision is to collect and recycle EVERY drink can in Europe.

Together we can make a difference!

Get involved

We do our thing in 19 countries across Europe and also in Brazil. We’ll be having fun somewhere near you. Click on a country name to see how you can take part.

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We couldn’t make all these great things alone, so we teamed up with the cream of the crop to make it happen.

The magic of
can recycling

Like other metals, aluminium is a permanent material: it can be recycled forever with no loss in quality. All cans are equally recyclable whatever their colour, size or shape.

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Every time a can is recycled it saves energy and resources.

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