Every Can Counts U.S. is a partnership between aluminum beverage can manufacturers and aluminum suppliers.

We’re passionate about the infinite recyclability of aluminum in beverage cans, and our mission is to inspire people to do the right thing with their empty cans by recycling them.  We achieve this by communicating the benefits of recycling beverage cans and improving and promoting “on the go” can recycling.

Every Can Counts began life in the United Kingdom in 2009, and now has a presence in 21 countries across Europe, Brazil, and the United States. Since its founding, the European and Brazil chapters have signed up thousands of organizations to the program and inspired attendees at hundreds of events.  But we’re always hungry for more.

The Can Manufacturers Institute started the Every Can Counts U.S. chapter in 2024 and is excited to utilize the terrific resource that have worked in Europe and Brazil.

This chapter was started as part of the can industry’s multi-pronged effort to reach its ambitious U.S. aluminum beverage can recycling rate targets.

Our Funding Partners

  • Ardagh Metal Packaging

    Ardagh Metal Packaging manufactures packaging for the world’s biggest brands and has a reputation for innovation; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, pioneering new production methods, new design techniques and new ways to recycle and save energy.



  • CanPack USA is part of the CanPack group of companies (CP Group), with a beverage plant in Blandon, PA.  CanPack group is a leading supplier of metal and glass containers, and metal closures.
  • Crown Holdings, Inc. through its subsidiaries, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world.  Crown is proud to be the leader in metal packaging technology.


  • Envases is a worldwide supplier of quality packaging solutions that seeks to provide the best sustainable packaging solutions, always with a positive effect on the environment and the communities in which we are present.  Currently Envases is comprised of 84 manufacturing facilities around the world.


  • Constellium is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and recycling of aluminium products and solutions. We design and manufacture advanced alloys and engineered solutions for a range of applications, such as beverage cans, cars, airplanes, and more. Our story dates back more than a century, but our mission remains the same: to create game-changing aluminium solutions for a circular and sustainable economy and a brilliant new day.


  • Kaiser creates superior aluminum mill products for the most technically demanding applications for transportation, food and beverage packaging, and industrial markets and deliver them to our customers anywhere in the world.


  • Operating an integrated network of technically advanced rolling and recycling facilities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Novelis leverages its global manufacturing and recycling footprint to deliver consistent, high-quality products around the world.


  • Tri-Arrows is a service-oriented company focused on maximizing value to our customers, our shareholders, and our employees. We pride ourselves on providing best in class customer service and quality, unparalleled productivity in aluminum rolling, and sustainability through our recycling operations.



Use this aluminum beverage can recycling impact calculator to better understand the environmental and economic impact you are creating by recycling beverage cans. The tool will show you the impact of recycling beverage cans across several meaningful, understandable metrics. You can use the information to discover your personal impact or use the results in any communications to enhance the narrative about beverage can recycling.

Environmental Impact:

  • Making an aluminum beverage can from recycled aluminum reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions more than 80 percent compared to using primary aluminum.10
  • In the modeling of three future recycling systems, aluminum beverage can recycling provided significantly more greenhouse gas and water savings compared to plastic PET and glass bottles.4
  • You can power a TV for three hours from the energy saved by recycling one aluminum beverage can. 9
  • The energy saved from recycling all (100%) aluminum cans could power 4.1 million homes for a full year.5

Economic Impact:

  • Aluminum beverage cans are worth significantly more than other beverage containers.1
  • Without the revenue from aluminum beverage cans, many recycling sortation facilities would not be able to operate.1
  • Metal recycling supports more American jobs and has a greater economic impact than all the other recyclable materials combined.2
  • Even though aluminum beverage cans are only 3 percent by weight of all recyclable materials generated at single-family U.S. homes, aluminum beverage cans are nearly 50 percent of the revenue of those recyclable materials.3

Aluminum beverage cans can be collected and sold at local scrap yards across the United States in return for extra cash for you or your favorite charity. This cansforcash.com website makes it easy to learn where and how to turn in your cans for cash.

Visit this Aluminum Beverage Can Sustainability Toolkit.

We hope the contents in this toolkit will make it easier for you to communicate to consumers about why aluminum beverage cans are a sustainable, circular package and why it is so important to recycle aluminum beverage cans.

The toolkit is broken down into several categories. Within each category, you will see key messages/talking points (with hyperlinks to the original source), as well as downloadable graphics.

These are here for you to use and download — There is no need to ask CMI’s permission to use them. We would, however, appreciate seeing the final product.

The aluminum beverage can industry expects to have more cans recycled in the coming years as it executes on its roadmap to achieve its ambitious recycling rate targets. Those graphics are also included below.


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    Why we do it

    01. Metal Recycles Forever — aluminum is endlessly recyclable.

    02. Recycling cans saves natural resources as well as energy and carbon emissions.

    03. Old cans become new cans with an average of 73% recycled content in U.S. manufactured beverage cans.

    04. Used beverage cans have a high economic value, generating money for recyclers.

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