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Every Can Counts Ireland is an ‘on the go’ drink can recycling programme.  Born of a partnership between drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry, we aim to improve the collection and recycling of drink cans consumed outside of the home.

We’re passionate about the infinite recyclability of drink cans and our mission is to inspire people to do the right thing.   By communicating the benefits of recycling and improving and promoting ‘on the go’ drink can recycling facilities, we can make a real difference.

Every Can Counts began life in in 2009, and now has programmes in 16 countries across Europe.  In this time we’ve signed up thousands of organisations to the programme and inspired attendees at hundreds of events.  But we’re always hungry for more.

Ireland recycles 73% of our drink cans, but we think we can do a lot better!  We’re aiming to recycle 100% It’s ambitious and exciting, but we believe it’s possible.  Ireland may be a small country, but when we come together we can do extraordinary things.

Join us on our journey, and find out how we can work together to do the extraordinary, to make every can count.

What we do

We work with people just like you, in offices, schools, colleges, festivals and parks, just likes yours. All to promote drink can recycling and improve their collection.

From cafes to community centres, sports clubs to newsagents, theme parks to gyms – we’re doing what we can to make sure people know they can recycle their drink cans wherever they are!

We offer free recycling packs to businesses and organisations, with everything you need to start increasing your drink can recycling right away.

At festivals and events we bring inspiring and magical experiences  that encourage attendees not only to recycle, but to think differently about the value of their empty drink can.


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Our Funding Partners

  • Ardagh Group

    Ardagh Group CPUK manufactures packaging for the world’s biggest brands and has a reputation for innovation; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, pioneering new production methods, new design techniques and new ways to recycle and save energy.

  • Ball Packaging Group

    Ball is a leading beverage can maker with production facilities around the world.  Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, food and household products, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government.

  • Crown Holdings Inc.

    Crown Holdings, Inc. through its subsidiaries, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world.  Crown is proud to be the leader in metal packaging technology.

  • European Aluminium

    European Aluminium (EA) was founded in 1981 and represents the aluminium industry in Europe.  It encompasses primary aluminium producers, downstream manufacturers, producers of recycled aluminium and national aluminium associations representing the manufacturers of rolled and extruded products across the European countries.

  • Repak

    Repak is a not for profit company set up by Irish business and owned by its members.  Repak charges fees to its members in accordance with the amount and type of packaing they place on the Irish market.  These fees are used to subsidise the collection and recovery of waste packaging through registered recovery operators across Ireland- so that individual members companies are exempt from this requirement.  Repak is approved under licence by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government to operate as a compliance scheme for packaging recovery.  Since Repak was set up in 1997 packaging recycling in Ireland has grown from a very low base to the point where Ireland is now one of the leading recycling countries in the EU.

Who We Work With

If you want to increase your drink can recycling, then we want to work with you!

We’re always on the look out to partner with new organisations and develop great opportunities that allow people to recycle more.

Take a look at some of the groups we already work with and find out more about the support we provide.

  • What do you get when you cross Every Can Counts with the Tidy Towns?  The Can It! award.

    The Can It! award is one of the longest running special awards in the Tidy Towns Competition.   It challenges  groups to increase the can recycling facilities in their village, town or city.

    By signing  local businesses, schools, colleges, sports centres, take aways, shops, and tourist attractions up to a free Every Can Counts programme they can expand drink can recycling in their area.

    The Can It! Award has a cash prize, and is judged on the basis of the number of Every Can Counts recycling packs distributed, and the variety of location venues relative to the population.

    Taking part in the Can It! Award has the additional benefits of counting towards the ‘Sustainability’ and the ‘Tidiness and Litter Control’ sections of the overall Tidy Towns award.

    To find out more information, and to enter this year’s CanIt! Award click here, or visit our news section for updates.

    Every Can Counts works with individual Tidy Towns on special projects, assisting them with local event can recycling, speaking at events, and advising on all things can recycling related.  If you would like to work together on a specific project get in touch via the contact form.

  • We partner with brands to promote the infinite recyclability of drink cans and increase recycling rates.

    Here are some of the ways we can support your brand:

    • Co-Branded Communications Campaigns let’s work together to spread the recycling message further.
    • Sampling Activities from providing can recycling boxes to on-site recycling ambassadors with can backpacks, our support helps you to ensure there are adequate recycling facilities wherever you take your brand.
    • Bespoke Event Activations make sure you’re giving the right impression at events by working with us to raise recycling awareness.  Our event activities and art-pieces can incorporate your branding and are proven to draw in the crowds and have a lasting impact.
    • Social Media Resources we provide messaging and graphics that help brands to communicate the recyclability of drink cans in an engaging way.
  • More and more festivals are putting the aim of reducing waste and increasing recycling at the heart of their events.  And we’re here to help!

    We offer a comprehensive range of support to event organisers to improve their recycling of drink cans, including providing branded on-site communications and activities to help spread the word.

    And why?  Because drink cans recycle forever, and every recycled can helps to save energy and preserve resources.

    We work with organisers to create fun, memorable and educational experiences that inspire attendees to recycle, and think about their drink can differently.  Here’s how we do it:

    • Iconic can cages popular photo opportunities which allow attendees to see the progress of their recycling efforts.
    • Mobile recycling ambassadors with can recycling back packs we go to where the cans are.
    • Recycling surveys a chance for attendees to voice their opinions, learn about can recycling and even win a prize!
    • Can recycling rewards incentivising can recycling by offering a range of sought-after awards to those doing the right thing.
    • Engaging on-site messaging we’re always finding new ways to spread the recycling message and raise awareness on-site.
    • Recycling support for bars and vendors we provide can recycling bins to ensure even more recycling at festivals and events.

    Get in touch and find out more about how we can support your event.

    Together we CAN make a difference!

  • Studying is thirsty work.  Come to think of it, teaching is thirsty work too!  That’s why we work with educational facilities of all kinds to increase their drink can recycling.

    We provide free materials including indoor recycling boxes, lids, branded liner sacks and marketing materials, to communicate the campaign.  Added to this we produce bespoke communications materials, tailored to suit your school or campus.

    If you’d like to sign up and starting making your cans count get in touch here.

  • We provide workplaces with free Every Can Counts recycling packs with everything they need to start collecting and recycling their drink cans.

    Working with your existing recovery operator/waste contractor, the programme is quick and easy to implement.

    Inside each pack you’ll find three Every Can Counts recycling boxes and lids, branded liner sacks, and marketing materials to help you communicate the campaign.

    Once a collection box is full, tie the bag and place the cans with your mixed dry recycling and your recovery operator/waste contractor will recycle the cans.

    Alternatively, if you have the space, you can collect your cans in bulk and sell them to a scrap metal merchant.

    Haven’t got a recovery operator/waste collection service?  You can find recovery operators in your area by clicking here.

    To sign up go to the get started section and fill out the form.


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No, we provide the materials to get you started free of charge.

Every Can Counts works with your existing waste management system.  If you have a mixed dry recycling service with your waste contractor, just tie up the bag of cans and place it with your other recyclables.

If you don’t have an existing recycling service you can:

Look for a can bank near you by clicking here.

Sell your cans to a local metal merchant.

Ask a corporate partner to allow you to use their recycling bins.

If you have the space to store or bale your cans you can collect them in bulk and sell them to a local scrap metal merchant.  

Yes! Please supply details of where you plan to place the materials and we’ll be happy to supply them.

You do not have to crush the cans. Some organisations crush the cans to create more room in their recycling bin, but it’s entirely optional.

We lease can crushers to organisations with high volumes of cans and established Every Can Counts programmes in place.

In order to lease a can crusher we ask they’re placed in a secure venue, and covered by the venues insurance.

To check on availability contact us here.

We do not award ISO certificates.  For more information on ISO visit their website.

Every Can Counts can help contribute towards  ISO 14001 certification.


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