3000 Drink Cans on the Market Square in Gliwice

3000 Drink Cans on the Market Square in Gliwice 2000 1125 JakubCZ

“Throw Your Cans into Yellow” is the slogan of the event organised in October in cooperation with the city of Gliwice to remind consumers what to do with empty drink cans.

A special installation consisting of three thousand aluminium cans was set up on the market square, joined by over 20 Every Can Counts volunteers. For more than 2 hours, the entire city centre was occupied by our team making positive noise about can recycling.

We chose Gliwice as many volunteers working on the Polish programme are students from local universities. We wanted to share this initiative with people and encourage them to recycle their cans wherever possible. Cooperation with the city helped attract the attention of local media. Check it out here.

Taking advantage of an opportunity in Poland

Taking advantage of an opportunity in Poland 1920 2560 JakubCZ

Like many other educational campaigns, we find ourselves in a new reality today. Our activities have always been centred around large concerts and sporting events. The restrictions caused by COVID-19 have greatly affected our friends – the organizers of festivals, sporting events, and musicians. However, we decided to regroup and continue our work while looking for new opportunities.

Our new approach focuses on social media and cooperation with event organisers, famous musicians, our volunteers, and other partners we used to work with. We created amazing AR filters for Instagram.

This activity was supported by five famous Polish music bands. Online festivals received a special edition of our educational movies where our volunteers became the real stars. Participants at the events also played an important role preparing an album that describes our activities in past years. Furthermore, we introduced the “60” campaign to promote recycling in less than 60 days. As a result, we reached over 1,600,000 people on Facebook and almost 1,000,000 on Instagram!

We’re passionately committed to driving change. We focus on actions, not words. Although it is more difficult today, we just couldn’t resist going out and meeting people. During the summer, our volunteers visited Polish cities, beaches, and mountains to help consumers recycle their cans.