World Environment Day 2023

In a commitment to a more circular world, we are launching the third edition of the International Recycling Tour — an inspiring awareness campaign designed to celebrate World Environment Day and promote sustainable living. On June 5th, with events extending throughout the preceding weekend, the tour will unfold across 16 countries and 18 locations in Europe and Brazil.

From bustling metropolises to urban parks, vibrant beaches, and famous festivals, our dedicated ambassadors will embark on a mission to promote the message, “Drink cans recycle forever,” and encourage individuals to do their part in enabling a truly circular economy. Their eye-catching backpacks for recycling on the go will serve as beacons of environmental consciousness, capturing the attention of passersby while inviting them to recycle their empty cans on the spot.

#Pixelcan Pop-Up Installations Sending a Message for Environmental Mindfulness

Building on the success of its previous editions, this year’s International Recycling Tour introduces #Pixelcan pop-up installations featured in iconic locations from the banks of the Danube in Vienna and Budapest to Dun Laoghaire Pier in Dublin. Participating countries have teamed up with talented local street artists to create unique murals inspired by World Environment Day.

These works of art, made of 2,500 drink cans, not only captivate viewers from a distance but also serve as a symbol of the infinite possibilities of aluminium recycling. People visiting the installations are encouraged to share their photos and videos of the #Pixelcan on social media using the hashtag #IRT2023. By doing so, they become part of the larger movement, spreading awareness about the tour and inspiring others to follow more sustainable practices.

International Recycling Tour 2023

Celebrating World Environment Day in 16 countries