Over 80 Days of Can Art in Bucharest and Other Romanian Cities

Over 80 Days of Can Art in Bucharest and Other Romanian Cities 2560 1709 JakubCZ

Following the contest dedicated to the creative recycling of used drink cans known as the Can Art&Design Festival, Every Can Counts Romania organized an expositional caravan in several locations in and around Bucharest (Bucuresti Mall, Plaza Mall, Promenada Mall, Mega Mall) and other large Romanian cities such as Timisoara, Iasi, and Constanta with the main partner of the project, Reciclad’OR.

Beginning on July 4, the project was on display for over 80 days, dedicated to increasing the awareness about drink cans’ value as an infinitely recyclable material. The exhibition is still ongoing as the caravan still has a few destinations left to visit. The exhibition showcased the most appreciated artwork from this edition of the festival and used can-art as the main driver to encourage recycling.

Taking advantage of an opportunity in Poland

Taking advantage of an opportunity in Poland 1920 2560 JakubCZ

Like many other educational campaigns, we find ourselves in a new reality today. Our activities have always been centred around large concerts and sporting events. The restrictions caused by COVID-19 have greatly affected our friends – the organizers of festivals, sporting events, and musicians. However, we decided to regroup and continue our work while looking for new opportunities.

Our new approach focuses on social media and cooperation with event organisers, famous musicians, our volunteers, and other partners we used to work with. We created amazing AR filters for Instagram.

This activity was supported by five famous Polish music bands. Online festivals received a special edition of our educational movies where our volunteers became the real stars. Participants at the events also played an important role preparing an album that describes our activities in past years. Furthermore, we introduced the “60” campaign to promote recycling in less than 60 days. As a result, we reached over 1,600,000 people on Facebook and almost 1,000,000 on Instagram!

We’re passionately committed to driving change. We focus on actions, not words. Although it is more difficult today, we just couldn’t resist going out and meeting people. During the summer, our volunteers visited Polish cities, beaches, and mountains to help consumers recycle their cans.

Chaque Canette Compte Back at the Very First International Event to Resume

Chaque Canette Compte Back at the Very First International Event to Resume 2560 1707 JakubCZ

Chaque Canette Compte, which is celebrating 10 years of success this year, was in the starting blocks to go back into the field! Deprived of its flagship summer events but mobilized on social networks, CCC was finally back in the saddle for a frantic race to recycle cans during the Tour de France: the first major international event to resume!

This is our seventh consecutive year and follows the success of the 2019 edition that was marked by the launch of the new “PixelCan” animation. In partnership with Citeo and with the support of Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), organizer of the Tour de France, CCC once again invested into fan parks at the Tour to educate spectators about sorting and recycling cans. 

The PixelCan was a homage to French cycling legend Raymond Poulidor who passed away last year. A contest was organized on social media to also involve our global French audience, and 346,621 people were reached, followed our videos and stories, and 161,000 interactions were recorded on our digital media (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

Despite the threat of COVID-19, this first major event was also a pleasant breather for a French public happy to see the return of the famous race and a major success in the field: 54,000 visitors attended the two fan parks to celebrate the end of summer sunbeams and the PixelCan animation welcomed more than 20,000 of them.

Circula tu lata al Amarillo goes back to Spanish beaches this summer

Circula tu lata al Amarillo goes back to Spanish beaches this summer 1500 1000 JakubCZ

Despite the COVID19 crisis, the Every Can Counts Spain team went back to the beaches this summer as part of the Circula tu lata al Amarillo campaign. Several teams of two backpackers talked to beachgoers about the importance of recycling cans.

More than 100 activations took place at 22 beaches in three regions: Valencia, Tenerife (Canary Islands), Coruña, and Sanxenxo (Galicia) in collaboration with the local city councils.

In Galicia, we received sponsorship from Estrella Galicia, one of the most popular beer brands in Spain. In addition, more than 1,900 people were polled, providing us with information that will allow us to continue to improve and achieve our goal of the 100% recycling of drink cans.

Drink Cans Recycled at Prague Pride 2020!

Drink Cans Recycled at Prague Pride 2020! 1400 931 HannovaCZ

Every Can Counts was a partner of the Prague Pride 2020 festival of tolerance and equality. Since we knew that there would be a lot of cans thanks to the special Pride edition of Sprite, we decided to create a unique metal heart for the event that not only symbolized the message of the festival, but it also withstood the vagaries of the weather. In the end, we collected an incredible 5,000 cans!

The heart was placed right in the middle of the island at the busiest meeting point at the event. After two initial rainy days, the weather improved, and we added a few cardboard boxes. Those visitors who decided to enjoy yoga, sports, workshops, or even just a picnic on the grassy areas around the imaginary “Pride Square” were only a few steps away from the right bin for their empty can.

We also took part in the rainbow cruise, where a two-member team and I had our famous backpacks for sorting cans. Thanks to Prague Pride, many people saw it was possible to turn waste at such a diverse event into something attractive, and that sorting cans was actually fun. The goal was to spread the word that metals are infinitely recyclable, and it’s possible that visitors will hold cans from this year’s Prague Pride at next year’s event.

The Every Can Counts Rainbow Arrives in Brighton

The Every Can Counts Rainbow Arrives in Brighton 2560 1707 PedroUK

As part of a partnership between Every Can Counts and Brighton & Hove City Council, we’ve constructed a giant rainbow archway comprising 2,000 recycled drinks cans on the Brighton Beach seafront.

Created as a tribute to key workers and to raise awareness about the importance of recycling, the four-metre-high installation aims to tackle litter and promote the infinite recyclability of aluminium drink cans. The cans have been supplied by Go Green, a charitable can recycling initiative managed by the Emily Jordan Foundation, which prevents metal packaging from going to landfill and provides meaningful day opportunities to people with learning disabilities and complex needs.

Chris Latham-Warde, Every Can Counts UK Programme Manager, commented: “We’ve created this rainbow archway as a tribute to the infinite good that has been done by key workers across the country during the coronavirus pandemic. We owe so much to them for their continued work on the frontline to keep us safe and well and, of course, it’s thanks to them that we’ve been able to keep recycling.

“We hope this tribute will inspire people to do infinite good in their own lives – and we’d like to suggest that looking after the environment by recycling your empty drink cans is a great place to start. Because drink cans recycle forever, the benefits of putting them in the right bin keep adding up – so playing your part in keeping the cycle going makes a real difference.”

Caroline Lucas, Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion, added: “It’s wonderful to see the Every Can Counts initiative in Brighton highlighting the importance of recycling valuable aluminium cans. I’m looking forward to seeing the giant rainbow of recycled cans, which will serve both as a great eye-catching sculpture for the campaign and as a celebration of the service of key workers during this pandemic. There will be roaming recycling ambassadors to speak to people about the campaign and a photo competition with the rainbow so do head down and see what it’s all about!”

Councillor Amy Heley, joint chair of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, concluded: “Our city’s beautiful open spaces have been a much-needed respite for many residents during the lockdown, especially the beach. The downside has been the staggering amount of litter that has been generated. It’s taken a lot of hard work from our teams to keep our beach and parks clean. There are plenty of litter and recycling bins along the seafront so there’s no excuse for leaving a mess.

“We hope the rainbow helps to remind everyone how important it is to look after our beach and recycle more, especially when out and about. Our current recycling rate is still only 29.4% and a city like Brighton & Hove needs to do much, much better. We’ve installed more than 170 multi-coloured triple bins on the seafront where people can recycle cans, paper, cardboard and glass, as well as bin their litter. And if you can’t find a bin, please take your recycling home to put in your household collection.”

Alongside the installation, we’ve created pavement graffiti and positioned a number of posters and billboards along the seafront. Over the bank holiday weekend, a team of Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors will be on-site to showcase the exhibition and roam busy beach areas to educate and inspire visitors to do the right thing with their empty drink cans.


#RecycleGoodVibes 1600 1200 Administrador

One of the biggest perks of our job is meeting people at outdoor events and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere so characteristic for summertime festivals. No matter where you are in Europe, Every Can Counts will be where things are happening and where people are drinking from cans! We had to take a break during the last three months that presented a situation where we had to suspend these activities and take a step back. That’s why we concentrated on our #ReSTART campaign to turn our interest inward to work on how we can all become better people.

However, we are also seemingly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and life is slowly returning to normal. Before we launch into our summer whirlwind, let’s remember the best #GoodVibes from years past. So what has ECC done in recent years?

  • PIXELATA: The art of recycling captured in one mural made from 2000 drink cans! This multiple award-winning project fuses art, environmental awareness, and social participation. #Pixelata is one of the most popular Every Can Counts activations first introduced in Spain in 2017. Have a look at the best Pixelata designs we’ve created at festivals and sporting events all over Europe!
  • BACKPACKS: Summer event participants are sure to be familiar with the ECC team with special backpacks! You can see us like this at music festivals, beaches, and sporting events across Europe where we use our EEC packs to collect cans. The backpacks are specially designed so the cans can be quickly and safely collected while it’s easy to change their appearance according to the event. ECC in the field!
  • LETTERS: Another great way of promoting can recycling at events are our letters, ideally in the initials of the event name or using a pictogram.
  • VOTING BOOTHS: Rock or pop? Cats or dogs? Beaches or ski slopes? Tell us what’s closer to your heart and vote in our booths. How? Just throw the empty can into the opening that represents your preference and then watch how the voting develops. It’s another way of connecting recycling with entertainment!

Canettes d’Or II: “And the nominees are…”

Canettes d’Or II: “And the nominees are…” 1200 900 Administrador

Following the success of the very first edition in 2017, the French can industry supported by Chaque Canette Compte and its partner CITEO organized Les Canettes d’OR and held a lavish award ceremony in December 2019.

130 candidates from major and smaller brands registered new cans produced in 2019 for nominations in several categories: Best Soft Drink Can Design; Best Beer Can Design; Small New Brand Can Design; etc… Moreover, Chaque Canette Compte and CITEO also nominated NGOs, program partners, and organizers of large events to award 3 specific prizes: Best Collecting Partner in the Program; Best Initiative Using CCC Devices; and Best Event with CCC. Special guests were present to celebrate cans, such as the Director of Tour de France (the event that won the CCC Canette D’or for Best Sustainable Event) and the directors of communication from Coke and Pepsico, who together received special Brands Engaged with CCC trophies for their hard work with us to deploy sustainable campaigns all over France.

Jivay, the most popular beer Youtuber in France was on hand to bring publicity to the event. He also took part in the jury along with design and communication specialists and journalists to bring diversity and fresh views.

The large and festive ceremony included a fantastic Pixelcan right next to the Champs Elysées where the event took place. This was certainly the biggest opportunity to bring together brands, both big and small, from the overall market, journalists, youtubers, as well as our CCC partners like NGOs, CITEO, municipalities, and big event organizers. It’s also a testament to our 10-year engagement in France.

Cada Lata cuenta goes to Iberian Festival Awards nominated as Best Service Provider

Cada Lata cuenta goes to Iberian Festival Awards nominated as Best Service Provider 2000 1333 Administrador

On March 18, we should have been in Lisbon, calming our nerves seated among the rest of the Iberian Festival Awards nominees. However, no one read our name. In fact, none of the nominees heard their names that night. The IFA gala had to be postponed to October because of the Covid19 pandemic and the entire music festival sector has been affected since then.

It was a good decision to make health the priority, but it was also very sad because we now have to wait eight months to know if we will be recognized for all the work done over the past year.

We were hoping to win the Best Services Provider category for all our activities at 2019 festivals, but we are also proud to be considered among the nominees for Best Brand Activation along with Estrella de Galicia for our #daralata (#giveusthecan) campaign.

This campaign sponsored by a very well-known beer brand took us to the 5 major Galician festivals last summer. It was a fun and exhausting summer where we jumped from one festival to another, Celtic music to heavy metal, hearing everything from the pop of Rosalia to the rock of Iggy Pop.

We hope festivals will recover from this crisis soon, and when they do, we will be there to contribute to their sustainability next summer and beyond. Meanwhile, we will wait to see our wider festival family in Lisbon in October. Maybe we will return to Madrid with an award. Who knows? However, the best prize was to have these incredible experiences from Galicia, one of the most magical and caring places in our country.

Les Canettes d’Or 2019 !

Les Canettes d’Or 2019 ! 2016 1512 LucienFR

Fin 2019, la Remise des Prix de la 2e édition des Canettes d’Or du GIE La Boîte Boisson – membre de Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) – a attiré à Paris près de 200 acteurs du secteur : fabricants, emplisseurs, marques, partenaires…

19 initiatives récompensées

Les meilleures initiatives de ces derniers mois ont été mises à l’honneur. Le jury d’experts a aussi bien récompensé des acteurs historiques du marché que de nouveaux venus. 19 Prix ont été remis : 13 au nom de La Boîte Boisson pour les innovations et nouveautés et 6 au nom du programme « Chaque Canette Compte », pour les initiatives liées aux développement durable.

4 Prix Spéciaux décernés et les marques rassemblées autour du programme « Chaque Canette Compte »

Cette année, les jurés ont également décerné 4 Prix Spéciaux. Ils ont notamment mis à l’honneur les entreprises ayant adopté le logo « Métal recyclable à l’infini » en créant le Prix Spécial « Ambassadeur du Recyclage des Canettes ». Le programme « Chaque Canette Compte » a aussi pu récompenser à nouveau ses partenaires et acteurs du dispositif. L’association des Connexions et le Tour de France ont été mis en avant, au même titre que des projets de collectivités qui ont innovées en utilisant le dispositif « Pixelcan » du programme. Coca-Cola et Pepsico ont reçu un prix spécial pour leur activité de sampling responsable déployée avec le programme depuis 2015.

Les détails du palmarès sur :

Les Canettes d’Or : reflets d’un secteur plein de vitalité

Modernes, légères, nomades, faciles à stocker, sources de fraîcheur, recyclables à l’infini… les canettes connaissent un grand succès dans le monde entier. En France, le secteur est hyper dynamique et 5 milliards de canettes sont en moyenne remplies chaque année. Au plus près des attentes des consommateurs, les entreprises ne cessent d’innover, que ce soit en matière de création graphique, d’actions de communication, de mise en avant dans les circuits de distribution… ou encore de recyclage !