Every Can Counts for RIO 2022 Carnival!

Every Can Counts for RIO 2022 Carnival! 1772 1181 adminEirini

One of the greatest shows on earth in the marvelous city of Rio is taking place from April 20 to April 30 this year. From samba dances to parades and glittering costumes, the biggest carnival in the world is a lifetime experience that attracts millions of people from around the globe. And when it comes to getting our hands dirty and keeping the cycle going at major events, we can’t say no! Cada Lata Conta, our team in Brazil will be there! 

Starting a new partnership with the Association of Collectors of Jardim Gramacho (ACAMJG) and the Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro (LIESA), Cada Lata Conta will be at the Rio 2022 Carnival as a part of a remarkable project to ensure every drink can is separately collected and recycled. A team of 60 recycling ambassadors, ”catadores”, equipped with the Every Can Counts backpacks will raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and encourage more people to recycle their empties while having fun at the carnival. 

Using flags, totems and biodegradable bags, Cada Lata Conta’s goal is simple: to collect and sort 100% of the consumed beverage cans as well as to educate people about the importance of recycling, sustainability and proper waste disposal. This major activation will take place during the carnival’s parade days in Sambódromo da Marquês da Sapucaí, a parade area specifically built for the Rio carnival.

Cada Lata Cuenta invites us to reflect on responsible consumption at Christmas

Cada Lata Cuenta invites us to reflect on responsible consumption at Christmas 2560 853 adminEirini

The Fuenlabrada City Council (Community of Madrid) and Cada Lata Cuenta have inaugurated two sustainable murals made with recycled beverage cans for the Christmas festivities.
These two Pixelatas are created from 4000 recycled cans and establish a contrasting conversation between the image of a girl and the deep and direct gaze of a chimpanzee.

The installation suggests how the chimpanzee, which shares 99% of its genes with humans, behaves so differently. It lives in harmony with the rest of the creatures allowing the ecosystem to be sustainable in the long term. However, the human being seems to function in the opposite way to the chimpanzee, living disconnected from nature, following an unsustainable life model.

For the second consecutive year, the Fuenlabrada City Council has collaborated with Cada Lata Cuenta to spread the message ​​of sustainability and recycling to the people through recycled art, reminding them that even during the holidays, they should never stop caring about the environment.

Can recycling on the fast lane in Austria

Can recycling on the fast lane in Austria 2560 1707 adminEirini

During the summer holidays, “Jede Dose zählt”, our team members in Austria, cooperated with Red Bull to contribute to more sustainable events and a more circular world, sports included!

While the best cars and motorcycles were competing in the Red Bull Ring for the “Formula 1 BWT Großer Preis von Österreich 2021”, “Michelin Grand Prix of Styria 2021” and “Motorrad Grad Prix von Österreich 2021” in July and August, “Jede Dose zählt” was raising awareness for can recycling.

With colourful recycling-backpack-teams, giveaways and entertaining VR and XO- games, people got informed about can recycling on a daily basis. In total “Jede Dose zählt” interacted with more than 10,000 people and recycled thousands of drink cans.

While these cans are already back on their way into the recycling loop, the next Austrian Red Bull event is already planned: On September 26th “Jede Dose zählt” will promote can recycling during the “Red Bull flight day” and make sure once more that empty cans end up in the proper recycling bins!

Watch the highlights!

Every Can Counts and The Naked Collective join forces in Ireland

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While Ireland has one of the highest rates of aluminium drink can recycling in Europe, with 89% of cans in the country being recycled or recovered in 2019, there is still so much more we can do to reach 100%. One way is to collaborate with like-minded brands such as The Naked Collective, a carbon-neutral Irish startup that specialises in vegan, low-sugar vitamin drinks.

As the first-ever drinks brand partnership in Ireland for Every Can Counts, this collaboration aims to inspire and encourage more people to recycle their empty drink cans. Both partners will work together to spread the message that drink cans are endlessly recyclable, and at the same time The Naked Collective will provide funding to the Every Can Counts programme.

Founded in 2019 and based in County Kildare, The Naked Collective has designed drinks that meet the needs of both health and eco-conscious shoppers. Its first two product ranges, which recently launched in Ireland and the UK, include Mude and So.Beer – a range of vegan, natural sparkling beverages and non-alcoholic lagers. From sourcing its plant-friendly ingredients to recyclable and compostable packaging for its cans and boxes, sustainability is at the forefront of the brand. The partnership with Every Can Counts Ireland builds on its sustainability commitments and will help it achieve the goal of ensuring that 100% of its cans are recycled. 

Niall Phelan, Co-Founder of The Naked Collective said: “From the ingredients we use to our processes and packaging, our aim as a brand is to make the world a healthier, better place. “We’re a purpose-led company and our decision to partner with Every Can Counts shows exactly that. The partnership is us doing our bit to increase recycling rates in Ireland.”

Róisín O’Brien, Every Can Counts Ireland Programme Manager, said: “We’re very excited to announce our first Irish drink brand partnership with The Naked Collective. ‘’The company fits so well with what we’re trying to achieve as we both have the same mission – to save precious energy and resources by ensuring every drink can is recycled. We’re looking forward to working with The Naked Collective over the next year to help raise awareness and inspire recycling throughout the nation.”

As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Influencer outreach: a vlog about can recycling reached more than 100,000 views in less than a month

Influencer outreach: a vlog about can recycling reached more than 100,000 views in less than a month 2560 1280 adminEirini

Každá plechovka se počíta, the Every Can Counts programme in Czechia cooperated with a popular influencer to create a fresh and impactful campaign about drink can recycling that reached more than 100,000 views only a month after its launch.

Petr Potměšil (21), known as Peca, has been on YouTube since 2016. Ηe mostly attracted his fans through his positive and energetic outlook on life. That is exemplified in his motto “Mám se fajn” (I’m feeling great). It’s this energy that he puts into his work where he tries to inspire and educate his audience.

#17 on YouTube Trends

Using YouTube and Instagram -where Peca has more that 110,000 followers- as the campaign’s primary platforms, it celebrated the magic of can recycling and sustainable living. The content was received enthusiastically. Achieving more that 100,000 views, only a month after its launch, with 15,000 interactions and ranking #17 on YouTube Trends. The format of a vlog was the most appropriate for the topic, and Peca was an active part in the creative process from the beginning. 

The vlog connects meaningfully a sorting line in Prague where important information was presented by Mr. Radim Mana, the spokesman for waste collection company Pražské Služby, with the production of cans where important information was presented by Mr. Pavel Batík of Ball Corporation. Additionally, everything was accompanied by shots depicting the sorting and production processes.

The vlog’s goal

Certainly, the goal was to create educational content that would familiarize young people with drink can recycling in the most natural way possible. “We didn’t want to work with just numbers and benefits. Instead, we wanted to show the entire can making and recycling process supported by statements from experts in the field. We also wanted to show places the average person never sees and answer questions associated with recycling: Such as how much energy is saved? Why is it important to properly sort waste? etc. In other words – We wanted to dispel myths about aluminium can recycling in a cool way.

It was important for us that the creators we worked with had a connection with sustainability and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. That was the only way to make it appealing to the public. Thus, it was necessary to know their work.” explains the creative team of Každá plechovka se počíta

Every Can Counts for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

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When art imitates life! The versatility of aluminium is showcased in a very imaginative way with this fashionable project by the Serbian team of Every Can Counts.

Specifically, in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and drawing inspiration from the work of acclaimed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, artist Viktor Kiš created a wedding dress from recycled aluminium. The project took about 100 working hours to complete. It was made to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and sustainable living. For this to happen, Viktor worked with various iron bending machines to successfully process the metal sheets.

The original dress that inspired this installation was based on the Love is Love: Wedding Bliss for All a la Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. It featured eight dresses by the famous designer and took place at MoCAB recently.

This bold and playful sculpture from recycled aluminium is now exhibited at Usce, Belgrade’s biggest shopping mall. An eye-catching installation that piques the shoppers interest and spreads the message that every can counts!