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Every Can Counts in Guadeloupe: The first-ever can recycling activation in Overseas France is completed

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By visiting more than 25 beaches, walking 260 km of shoreline, placing 79 Every Can Counts recycling bins in bars and restaurants, reaching 5.585 people and collecting 2.550 aluminium cans, Chaque Canette Compte completed the first stop of the summer tour in Guadeloupe and the first-ever can recycling activation in Overseas France.

For one week, from April 15 to April 24, our French team with the support of CITEO, was roaming the most popular beaches of Guadeloupe on one mission: to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal in public spaces and collect as many drink cans as possible.

Equipped with colorful backpacks and a new generation of rolling baskets for collection, the Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors were interacting with the vacationers spreading the message of the infinite recyclability of aluminium while helping them recycle their empties on the spot.

This exotic recycling tour was well received by media outlets and inspired local non-governmental organizations to plan long term actions about the environmental protection of the island, with Chaque Canette Compte and CITEO supporting them at every step of the way.

Brazil becomes the first country outside of Europe to join the Every Can Counts initiative

Brazil becomes the first country outside of Europe to join the Every Can Counts initiative 1920 1080 adminEirini

With a recycling rate of over 95% for aluminium cans, Brazil will be an important partner of the Every Can Counts growing community

After 12 years of inspiring people to recycle on the go and with 19 European countries now on board, the Every Can Counts initiative welcomes Brazil to its growing community. A community of people, brands, festivals, and organizations that work together towards the vision of a 100% recycling rate for drink cans.

Called “Cada Lata Conta”, the Brazilian version of Every Can Counts is being launched by Abralatas, the Brazilian Association of Aluminium Can Manufacturers (Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Latas de Alumínio). The programme officially kicked off with a set of environmental education and behaviour change activities at the Villa-Lobos Park in São Paulo (4-5 December), and in celebration of the Carnatal in Natal (9-12 December).

Keeping the cycle going from São Paulo to Carnatal

Gigantic metal structures in the shape of recycling symbols were installed at the heart of Villa-Lobos Park, and recycling ambassadors with green backpacks engaged with over 20,000 people to raise awareness of recycling while collecting cans. At the same time, graffiti art panels made from over 30,000 recycled cans and designed by artist Ricardo Kaur became highly popular for photo opportunities.

After São Paulo, the Cada Lata Conta team arrived in Carnatal, the largest off-season Carnival in Brazil, held in the city of Natal (RN). As part of a collaboration between Cada Lata Conta and the Coocamar waste picker cooperative, seventy backpackers engaged with people to make sure every can was collected during the four days of the festival. The programme expects this partnership to showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of recycling while highlighting the important role of the waste pickers as an essential part of Brazil’s recycling system.

Visitors of both events not only enjoyed the head-turning installations but also had the chance to learn more about the launch of the programme in Brazil and the upcoming initiatives. Cada Lata Conta now features a brand-new Portuguese-language website, as well as social media channels to promote the importance of the circular economy for the sustainable future of our planet. 

According to Cátilo Cândido, Executive President of Abralatas, these events were the first of many to come to Brazil and represent a new kind of consumer-focused campaigns to promote recycling in the country.  “As a matter of fact, Cada Lata Conta/Every Can Counts values individual actions, especially with the new generation of consumers. Brazil already boasts one of the highest drink can recycling rates in the world: consistently above 95% with the commitment to maintain and even improve further this percentage”, says Cândido. “We want to show Brazilians a true example of a circular economy in a fun, straightforward, and creative way.”

“The launch of Cada Lata Conta in Brazil is a natural extension of our commitment and vision in Europe: We strive to reach 100% drink can recycling and raise awareness among all consumers around the world about the importance of keeping drink cans in the recycling loop, wherever they consume them”, says David Van Heuverswyn, Director Every Can Counts Europe.


Founded 18 years ago, Abralatas is the main representative of Brazil’s aluminium beverage can industry. The third largest market globally, it provides the primary packaging for beers and other drink products in the country. While Brazil enjoys a record can recycling rate, the organization’s aim is to strengthen and develop the aluminium can industry in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

For more information: www.cadalataconta.com.br

A rainbow of hope during the COP26 summit

A rainbow of hope during the COP26 summit 2560 1852 adminEirini

The #EveryCanCounts rainbow was presented in Glasgow for COP26 to remind people about the importance of recycling empty drink cans.

The now iconic symbol of Every Can Counts, the rainbow archway, was prominently displayed in Shawlands Civic Square in partnership with Glasgow City Council. Its goal? To raise awareness about the importance of recycling and inspire even more people to place their empties in the right bin.

The eye-catching installation, placed in front of Langside Halls, consists of more than 2,500 brightly coloured recycled drink cans and measures four metres high and seven metres wide. It took four people more than five hours to construct and remained in place until early November, spreading the recycling message over the first week of the climate change conference.

Every Can Counts’ own research suggests that more than 2.8 million drink cans are bought and used each week throughout Glasgow. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and recycling just one can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours. If all of these cans were recycled, it would give greenhouse gas savings equivalent to taking more than 7,200 cars off the city’s roads for a week.

Eight in 10 of those questioned say they always use recycling bins if they are available in public places, with more than seven in 10 claiming that they would recycle more while out and about if there were a greater number of recycling bins.

In fact, almost two thirds of Glaswegians say they have become more concerned about the environment and their impact on it over the last 12 months. Half believe this is due to Glasgow’s involvement in the conference.

“The rainbow is our way of reminding people about the importance of recycling cans at a time when the environment is firmly on the city’s agenda. Recycling an empty drink can is such an easy thing that each of us can do to help the planet. It might not seem like much, but every can is endlessly recyclable and making a can from recycled metal rather than raw materials uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, a record four out of five drink cans sold in the UK were recycled, given peoples’ lifestyles changed dramatically and we spent much of the year in lockdown. We want to continue making progress now the country has opened back up and our ultimate goal is to achieve a 100% recycling rate for drink cans”, Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said.

A rainbow to unite us all under one cause

This symbol, aiming to inspire more action towards aluminium can recycling, was embraced by citizens and politicians alike. “This installation was a reminder of the importance of recycling, and the significant environmental benefits it brings. We can all play our part in reducing emissions by recycling as much as we can”, councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction at Glasgow City Council said.

I was thrilled to see the Every Can Counts rainbow in my constituency. It acted as a key reminder of the importance of recycling more and keeping our streets tidy over the course of the landmark COP26 Summit and beyond. Shifting towards infinitely recyclable materials like aluminium and keeping these materials in circulation by recycling is something we can all do to progress towards a truly circular economy, and to meet the aims of this pivotal Summit in Glasgow”, said Alison Thewliss, MP for Glasgow Central.

An ideal backdrop for selfies and quite a spectacle for photos, the rainbow managed to get tens of people to capture it with their cameras. At the same time, visitors had the chance to win a £100 shopping voucher and a £500 donation to an environmental charity of their choice. The winner selected South Seeds, a community organisation based in South Central Glasgow that works to enable local residents to lead more sustainable lives.

But that’s not all. The #EveryCanCounts rainbow installation was also featured prominently by leading newspapers and media, such as The Times, Glasgow Times, and Glasgow World.

CANMAGEDON race at Red Bull Roof Ride in Katowice

CANMAGEDON race at Red Bull Roof Ride in Katowice 1920 1080 adminEirini

The Red Bull Roof Ride was held for the first time in Poland and attracted thousands of visitors to the Spodek Arena in Katowice. As lots of beverages in cans were consumed there, Every Can Counts was invited to support the event and make sure all cans are recycled.

This time our Polish team decided to create something totally new -the CANMAGEDON, a creative concept that encourages selective collection by pushing the limits, motivating, and educating people about the can recycling process.

CANMAGEDON is a race where each obstacle represents one stage from the drink can’s life cycle. Everything starts, of course, from the collection phase, by placing the can in the yellow bin. The idea of this project is to show how simple and important this act is. 

With lots of people stopping by to interact with CANMAGEDON, everyone is looking forward to the next season and to more smart initiatives to promote drink can recycling!

Check the highlights:

Every Can Counts UK Celebrates Recycle Week 2021

Every Can Counts UK Celebrates Recycle Week 2021 1920 1080 adminEirini

Recycle Week 2021 takes place from 20th – 26th September in the UK, and Every Can Counts UK is celebrating by partnering with City of London Corporation to bring the iconic #EveryCanCounts Rainbow installation to the heart of the capital. The eye-catching rainbow archway, created from over 2,500 recycled cans, will be on display in Carter Lane Gardens outside St Paul’s Cathedral from Thursday 16th September until Thursday 23rd.

The installation aims to inspire more people to recycle their empty cans by highlighting the environmental benefits delivered through can recycling.

In the first three months of this year, the total volume of domestic recycling collected in the City of London was up by nearly 10 tonnes on 2020, as lockdown restrictions made it easier for people to recycle at home. However, Every Can Counts UK’s own research suggests that seven in 10 of those in London say they have noticed more litter over the past year, and most of these people believe this is as a direct result of the pandemic.

67% of those surveyed say they take packaging home to recycle if there aren’t recycling facilities in public places, with nearly eight in 10 (78%) claiming that they would recycle more while out and about if there were a greater number of recycling bins.

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts UK, said:

“You couldn’t really pick a more iconic London location than right in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. And the workmanship that’s gone into the installation really is quite impressive.

“The rainbow is our way of reminding people about the importance of recycling cans at a time when the environment is on the agenda, ahead of Recycle Week and in the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference.

“Recycling an empty drink can is a small thing that each of us can do for the benefit of the environment, and these small actions all add up. Not only are drink cans endlessly recyclable, but making a can from recycled metal uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions. We’re here to raise awareness of these significant benefits and inspire more people to make a difference by doing the right thing with their empty cans.

“In 2020, a record four out of five drink cans sold in the UK were recycled, as we spent much of the year locked down at home with easy access to recycling bins. We now want to keep this up as things return to normality, and our goal at Every Can Counts is to continue making progress towards a 100% recycling rate for drink cans.”

From Thursday 23rd, the installation will be taken directly to Birmingham, the country’s second largest city, where it will be on display for the remainder of Recycle Week. The installation’s time in Birmingham city centre will coincide with the Birmingham Pride event – giving the rainbow extra relevance and an opportunity to remind the large crowds celebrating Pride to do the right thing and recycle their empty cans. 

The Every Can Counts One Minute Brief

The Every Can Counts One Minute Brief 2560 1280 adminEirini

Our programme in the UK partnered up with One Minute Briefs, challenging Twitter users with the following design brief: 

Create posters that highlight the infinite recyclability of drink cans and inspire people to do the right thing with their empties. #EveryCanCounts 

The one-day challenge got more than 200 entries! Twitter users submitted their unique designs and sketches. Each one of them highlighted aluminium as a permanent material, and the environmental benefits of drink can recycling. 

There were so many gems among the submissions that picking the top 3 designs was no easy task for the Every Can Counts UK team.

The winners list:

1st place: @rowan_softley

This design ticks all of our boxes! It’s creative, clever, and it communicates the benefits of can recycling in a simple but really effective way.

2nd place: @jackhally

What better than a classic movie reference to help bring the recycling story to life? This minimal design is subtle but it really makes an impact. Great work.

3rd place: @StuartWitts

A clever design that both grabs attention and clearly illustrates the timelessness of a recycled drink can. Nice one Stuart!

Honorable mentions:

However, the submissions’ list doesn’t end here. Feeling inspired? Take a look at the collection with all the entries

Every can counts and by recycling your empties you leave a positive impact on the planet saving valuable energy and resources. Spreading the message was the purpose of the brief and, ultimately, it was creatively achieved!

Every Can Counts and The Naked Collective join forces in Ireland

Every Can Counts and The Naked Collective join forces in Ireland 2560 1280 adminEirini

While Ireland has one of the highest rates of aluminium drink can recycling in Europe, with 89% of cans in the country being recycled or recovered in 2019, there is still so much more we can do to reach 100%. One way is to collaborate with like-minded brands such as The Naked Collective, a carbon-neutral Irish startup that specialises in vegan, low-sugar vitamin drinks.

As the first-ever drinks brand partnership in Ireland for Every Can Counts, this collaboration aims to inspire and encourage more people to recycle their empty drink cans. Both partners will work together to spread the message that drink cans are endlessly recyclable, and at the same time The Naked Collective will provide funding to the Every Can Counts programme.

Founded in 2019 and based in County Kildare, The Naked Collective has designed drinks that meet the needs of both health and eco-conscious shoppers. Its first two product ranges, which recently launched in Ireland and the UK, include Mude and So.Beer – a range of vegan, natural sparkling beverages and non-alcoholic lagers. From sourcing its plant-friendly ingredients to recyclable and compostable packaging for its cans and boxes, sustainability is at the forefront of the brand. The partnership with Every Can Counts Ireland builds on its sustainability commitments and will help it achieve the goal of ensuring that 100% of its cans are recycled. 

Niall Phelan, Co-Founder of The Naked Collective said: “From the ingredients we use to our processes and packaging, our aim as a brand is to make the world a healthier, better place. “We’re a purpose-led company and our decision to partner with Every Can Counts shows exactly that. The partnership is us doing our bit to increase recycling rates in Ireland.”

Róisín O’Brien, Every Can Counts Ireland Programme Manager, said: “We’re very excited to announce our first Irish drink brand partnership with The Naked Collective. ‘’The company fits so well with what we’re trying to achieve as we both have the same mission – to save precious energy and resources by ensuring every drink can is recycled. We’re looking forward to working with The Naked Collective over the next year to help raise awareness and inspire recycling throughout the nation.”

As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa!

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa! 2560 1280 adminEirini

Recycling has become an easier task for the citizens of Genoa, Italy. Now they may also take pride that their beautiful city is making admirable progress towards better recycling infrastructure and circular economy.

The installation of a brand new eco-compactor, serves the historic center and the Porto Antico area. Also, comes with one important novelty compared to the 12 machines that are already present in the city. In addition to collecting bottles and plastic packaging, it also collects aluminum drink cans.

This new unit marks the 13th eco-compactor in Genoa. It is the first city in the country where such machines are present in every municipality. Thanks to the collaboration of CIAL and Ogni Lattina Vale, the Every Can Counts initiative in Italy, with the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, residents now have the option to not only recycle their drink cans but take advantage of the benefits offered through the use of the eco-compactors.

For every can collected, citizens receive points that are marked on receipts. Once they have accumulated enough points, they can then use these points to make purchases at various businesses that are involved in the initiative. Currently, there are over 100 shops in the city that participate in this urban waste management project. But there are expectations that the number will grow.

When collected, the aluminum cans are delivered to CIAL. Then sent to a recycling plant to make the same journey over and over again – forever!

“For us at CIAL, activating a specific collection system for drink cans means offering the citizens of Genoa an additional tool that goes beyond separate waste collection. Our country has already excellent results when it comes to aluminum. In Italy, we have actually already exceeded the European recycling targets for aluminum packaging. Which are at 60% for 2030,” comments CIAL Local Communication Representative, Gennaro Galdo. 

“This new experience in Genoa, is a great opportunity to showcase why every can really does count! Every Can Counts is a drink can recycling programme active in 19 European countries, with Italy joining in 2019,” says Gennaro.

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