First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa!

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa!

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa! 2560 1280 adminEirini

Recycling has become an easier task for the citizens of Genoa, Italy. Now they may also take pride that their beautiful city is making admirable progress towards better recycling infrastructure and circular economy.

The installation of a brand new eco-compactor, serves the historic center and the Porto Antico area. Also, comes with one important novelty compared to the 12 machines that are already present in the city. In addition to collecting bottles and plastic packaging, it also collects aluminum drink cans.

This new unit marks the 13th eco-compactor in Genoa. It is the first city in the country where such machines are present in every municipality. Thanks to the collaboration of CIAL and Ogni Lattina Vale, the Every Can Counts initiative in Italy, with the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, residents now have the option to not only recycle their drink cans but take advantage of the benefits offered through the use of the eco-compactors.

For every can collected, citizens receive points that are marked on receipts. Once they have accumulated enough points, they can then use these points to make purchases at various businesses that are involved in the initiative. Currently, there are over 100 shops in the city that participate in this urban waste management project. But there are expectations that the number will grow.

When collected, the aluminum cans are delivered to CIAL. Then sent to a recycling plant to make the same journey over and over again – forever!

“For us at CIAL, activating a specific collection system for drink cans means offering the citizens of Genoa an additional tool that goes beyond separate waste collection. Our country has already excellent results when it comes to aluminum. In Italy, we have actually already exceeded the European recycling targets for aluminum packaging. Which are at 60% for 2030,” comments CIAL Local Communication Representative, Gennaro Galdo. 

“This new experience in Genoa, is a great opportunity to showcase why every can really does count! Every Can Counts is a drink can recycling programme active in 19 European countries, with Italy joining in 2019,” says Gennaro.

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