Brazil becomes the first country outside of Europe to join the Every Can Counts initiative

Brazil becomes the first country outside of Europe to join the Every Can Counts initiative

Brazil becomes the first country outside of Europe to join the Every Can Counts initiative 1920 1080 adminEirini

With a recycling rate of over 95% for aluminium cans, Brazil will be an important partner of the Every Can Counts growing community

After 12 years of inspiring people to recycle on the go and with 19 European countries now on board, the Every Can Counts initiative welcomes Brazil to its growing community. A community of people, brands, festivals, and organizations that work together towards the vision of a 100% recycling rate for drink cans.

Called “Cada Lata Conta”, the Brazilian version of Every Can Counts is being launched by Abralatas, the Brazilian Association of Aluminium Can Manufacturers (Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Latas de Alumínio). The programme officially kicked off with a set of environmental education and behaviour change activities at the Villa-Lobos Park in São Paulo (4-5 December), and in celebration of the Carnatal in Natal (9-12 December).

Keeping the cycle going from São Paulo to Carnatal

Gigantic metal structures in the shape of recycling symbols were installed at the heart of Villa-Lobos Park, and recycling ambassadors with green backpacks engaged with over 20,000 people to raise awareness of recycling while collecting cans. At the same time, graffiti art panels made from over 30,000 recycled cans and designed by artist Ricardo Kaur became highly popular for photo opportunities.

After São Paulo, the Cada Lata Conta team arrived in Carnatal, the largest off-season Carnival in Brazil, held in the city of Natal (RN). As part of a collaboration between Cada Lata Conta and the Coocamar waste picker cooperative, seventy backpackers engaged with people to make sure every can was collected during the four days of the festival. The programme expects this partnership to showcase the environmental, economic, and social benefits of recycling while highlighting the important role of the waste pickers as an essential part of Brazil’s recycling system.

Visitors of both events not only enjoyed the head-turning installations but also had the chance to learn more about the launch of the programme in Brazil and the upcoming initiatives. Cada Lata Conta now features a brand-new Portuguese-language website, as well as social media channels to promote the importance of the circular economy for the sustainable future of our planet. 

According to Cátilo Cândido, Executive President of Abralatas, these events were the first of many to come to Brazil and represent a new kind of consumer-focused campaigns to promote recycling in the country.  “As a matter of fact, Cada Lata Conta/Every Can Counts values individual actions, especially with the new generation of consumers. Brazil already boasts one of the highest drink can recycling rates in the world: consistently above 95% with the commitment to maintain and even improve further this percentage”, says Cândido. “We want to show Brazilians a true example of a circular economy in a fun, straightforward, and creative way.”

“The launch of Cada Lata Conta in Brazil is a natural extension of our commitment and vision in Europe: We strive to reach 100% drink can recycling and raise awareness among all consumers around the world about the importance of keeping drink cans in the recycling loop, wherever they consume them”, says David Van Heuverswyn, Director Every Can Counts Europe.


Founded 18 years ago, Abralatas is the main representative of Brazil’s aluminium beverage can industry. The third largest market globally, it provides the primary packaging for beers and other drink products in the country. While Brazil enjoys a record can recycling rate, the organization’s aim is to strengthen and develop the aluminium can industry in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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