Every Can Counts for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

Every Can Counts for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade 1800 800 Administrador

When art imitates life! The versatility of aluminium is showcased in a very imaginative way with this fashionable project by the Serbian team of Every Can Counts.

Specifically, in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and drawing inspiration from the work of acclaimed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, artist Viktor Kiš created a wedding dress from recycled aluminium. The project took about 100 working hours to complete. It was made to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and sustainable living. For this to happen, Viktor worked with various iron bending machines to successfully process the metal sheets.

The original dress that inspired this installation was based on the Love is Love: Wedding Bliss for All a la Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. It featured eight dresses by the famous designer and took place at MoCAB recently.

This bold and playful sculpture from recycled aluminium is now exhibited at Usce, Belgrade’s biggest shopping mall. An eye-catching installation that piques the shoppers interest and spreads the message that every can counts!

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa!

First eco-compactor for drink cans launched in Genoa! 2560 1280 adminEirini

Recycling has become an easier task for the citizens of Genoa, Italy. Now they may also take pride that their beautiful city is making admirable progress towards better recycling infrastructure and circular economy.

The installation of a brand new eco-compactor, serves the historic center and the Porto Antico area. Also, comes with one important novelty compared to the 12 machines that are already present in the city. In addition to collecting bottles and plastic packaging, it also collects aluminum drink cans.

This new unit marks the 13th eco-compactor in Genoa. It is the first city in the country where such machines are present in every municipality. Thanks to the collaboration of CIAL and Ogni Lattina Vale, the Every Can Counts initiative in Italy, with the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, residents now have the option to not only recycle their drink cans but take advantage of the benefits offered through the use of the eco-compactors.

For every can collected, citizens receive points that are marked on receipts. Once they have accumulated enough points, they can then use these points to make purchases at various businesses that are involved in the initiative. Currently, there are over 100 shops in the city that participate in this urban waste management project. But there are expectations that the number will grow.

When collected, the aluminum cans are delivered to CIAL. Then sent to a recycling plant to make the same journey over and over again – forever!

“For us at CIAL, activating a specific collection system for drink cans means offering the citizens of Genoa an additional tool that goes beyond separate waste collection. Our country has already excellent results when it comes to aluminum. In Italy, we have actually already exceeded the European recycling targets for aluminum packaging. Which are at 60% for 2030,” comments CIAL Local Communication Representative, Gennaro Galdo. 

“This new experience in Genoa, is a great opportunity to showcase why every can really does count! Every Can Counts is a drink can recycling programme active in 19 European countries, with Italy joining in 2019,” says Gennaro.

As seen in the Press (Italian)

3000 Drink Cans on the Market Square in Gliwice

3000 Drink Cans on the Market Square in Gliwice 2000 1125 JakubCZ

“Throw Your Cans into Yellow” is the slogan of the event organised in October in cooperation with the city of Gliwice to remind consumers what to do with empty drink cans.

A special installation consisting of three thousand aluminium cans was set up on the market square, joined by over 20 Every Can Counts volunteers. For more than 2 hours, the entire city centre was occupied by our team making positive noise about can recycling.

We chose Gliwice as many volunteers working on the Polish programme are students from local universities. We wanted to share this initiative with people and encourage them to recycle their cans wherever possible. Cooperation with the city helped attract the attention of local media. Check it out here.

Sipful Drinks Join Every Can Counts UK as Funding Partner

Sipful Drinks Join Every Can Counts UK as Funding Partner 1176 1568 JakubCZ

Every Can Counts UK has announced a new partnership with premium canned wine and cocktail brand Sipful Drinks. The partnership will see Sipful Drinks become the first brand in the UK to carry the Every Can Counts logo on its range of canned products.

Launched in May 2020, Sipful is committed to producing drinks using sustainable and recyclable packaging. Sipful believes aluminium drink cans are the ultimate packaging format due to their infinite and energy-efficient recyclability, and the team is currently in the process of establishing Sipful’s own production facility with the aim of becoming a zero-waste production and packaging facility.

Sipful’s eye-catching can design now features both the ECC logo and the impactful Metal Recycles Forever logo, helping to raise awareness about the infinite recyclability of drink cans and reminding consumers to do the right thing and recycle.

Cooperation with GEA

Cooperation with GEA 700 583 JakubCZ

In partnership with environmental organization GEA, we started “The Can for Our Hill” project where the main activity was the collection of cans in 100 locations in the city of Vrsac. Money from the cans will be invested into protection of birds and other animals, as well as for education.

Vrsac mountain is the richest ornithological habitat in Serbia. This event was a good example of involving the local community in can recycling. The whole project is financed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Chaque Canette Compte – Red Bull Partnership Still Active Despite COVID

Chaque Canette Compte – Red Bull Partnership Still Active Despite COVID 2560 1707 JakubCZ

After being back in the field with Tour de France, Chaque Canette Compte was active in Marseille despite the threat of COVID, accompanying its brand partner Red Bull.

CCC has managed recycling for all of Red Bull’s events in France for three years now, and specifically for one of the top skateboarding competitions in the world: The Bowl Rippers. In 2019, we were present at the brand’s five main events: RB FlugTag, RB 400, RB Bowl, the finale of RB Dance Your Style in Paris, and off course the Bowl Rippers.

As part of its partnership with CITEO (the French Green Dot authority), CCC manages overall recycling using our co-melting specific boxes where we highlight can recycling.

Last year, over 1.2 tons of packaging (and lot of Red Bull cans) were collected and recycled thanks to our presence at the main RB events.

Jede Dose Zählt Recycles at Pop-Up Events in Vienna!

Jede Dose Zählt Recycles at Pop-Up Events in Vienna! 2500 1667 JakubCZ

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of all major events in Austria. However, a few pop-up outdoor events were organized in Vienna in late summer, and of course we used the opportunity to contact our target group and inform them about can recycling, strapping on our newly-branded backpacks and masks.

We were also featured in the organizers’ promo video, so visitors were made aware of our brand before the event as well.

Awareness-Raising and Can Collection Campaign in the Streets of Ghent

Awareness-Raising and Can Collection Campaign in the Streets of Ghent 2500 1669 JakubCZ

On October 10, an Every Can Counts team equipped with can collection backpacks and a custom three-wheeler roamed the streets in the centre of Ghent, Belgium, to raise awareness about the sorting and recycling of cans.

On that sunny Saturday, the enthusiastic team engaged with passers-by consuming cans in the historic heart of Ghent and explained why it is so important to recycle aluminium cans even while consuming them on-the-go.

While the drink can recycling rate in Belgium stands at 98%, almost one can out of two is recovered from incinerator bottom ash, meaning that half of all cans are placed in the wrong waste bin.

The activities in Ghent were supported with a campaign on Instagram and Facebook, a press release, and resulted in a two-minute national radio interview.

Iberian Festival Awards Recognizes Cada Lata Cuenta as the Best Service Provider and Best Brand Activation

Iberian Festival Awards Recognizes Cada Lata Cuenta as the Best Service Provider and Best Brand Activation 1000 500 JakubCZ

The Iberian Festival Awards Gala in Lisbon on October 19th named Cada Lata Cuenta as the Best Service Provider for its work in 2019 at festivals such as Etnosur, Womad Caceres, O Son do Camiño, and Tomorrowland Porto, among others.

The awards are organized by the Portuguese Festivals Association, and the jury also declared #daralata, the campaign that took us to the five Galician major festivals with Estrella Galicia, the Best Brand Activation of the year.

These two prizes represent recognition of our work making festivals more sustainable through can recycling in 2019. Moreover, it brought attention to the brand as Estrella Galicia bases its communication strategy on sustainability, thus raising awareness about can recycling to protect our environment.

The IFA’s recognition it is not just for Cada Lata Cuenta, but for the entire Every Can Counts team that strives to create the best and more engaging and sustainable events.

We want to thank the jury for its decision and extend this recognition to all of us who fight to take care of our environment and to create a safe and sustainable culture.

ECC Romania Builds National Recycling Team with the Naţionala de Reciclare Campaign

ECC Romania Builds National Recycling Team with the Naţionala de Reciclare Campaign 1599 1200 JakubCZ

Every Can Counts Romania started a-ten-cities road trip in order to find and award Romanians who recycle their drink cans and PETs, and to increase awareness on becoming active doers. 

The recycling adventure called Naţionala de Reciclare (National Recycling) was developed together with Romanian partners GreenPoint Management, PENNY, Coca-Cola HBC, Bergenbier S.A,. and Can Pack Recycling and is supported by local authorities.

Nationala de Reciclare started on September 24 with the purpose of creating a national team of people who do their best to recycle as much as possible, and it succeeded with over 14,000 people from the first five cities receiving our message, and over 12,398 drink cans and 11,059 plastic bottles (PET) were collected in Tulcea, Iaşi, Suceava, Bacău, and Sibiu. The impact of the campaign was reflected on social media as well, with over 193,000 people from these cities reached. The campaign ended by finding new recycling champions also in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureş, Constanţa, Bucureşt.