The iconic #EveryCanCounts rainbow installation goes to Italy!

The iconic #EveryCanCounts rainbow installation goes to Italy!

The iconic #EveryCanCounts rainbow installation goes to Italy! 1600 1600 adminEirini

Standing tall at four meters high, a colorful symbol of hope is greeting the visitors of the 2021 edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.

Located in the number one children’s film festival in the world, the Giffoni Film Festival taking place from the 21st of July until the 31st, this giant rainbow made from recycled drink cans is a sight to behold. 

Imposing and bright, at four meters high, this impressive installation is presented at the festival by Ogni Lattina Vale (Every Can Counts in Italy) and  CIAL, the Italian Consortium for the Recycling of Aluminium in collaboration with Coca-Cola HBC Italia. The colorful sculpture is made using 3,000 aluminium cans, supplied by two world leaders in the production of beverage cans: Crown Packaging Manufacturing Italy S.r.l. and Ball Beverage Packaging Italia s.r.l.. 

An inarguably high-impact installation, the Every Can Counts rainbow made its appearance for the first time in the UK to highlight the importance of recycling empty drink cans in a creative and memorable way. Having appeared in Brighton, Manchester, and Cardiff, it now takes its first trip abroad! As before, its purpose is to promote a modern vision of the waste management system on a large scale and encourage good environmental practices. But it’s also a symbolic work that invites guests to look to the future with confidence, taking inspiration from the rainbows drawn by children during lockdowns with the wish that ‘everything will be all right’.

CIAL, a historical main partner of the Giffoni Film Festival, wishes to engage creatively with the people, especially the children visiting, using a symbol of creativity and thoughtful engineering. The Every Can Counts rainbow is certain to become the ideal background for the most beautiful souvenir photos of the Festival. At the same time, we’re hoping it will prompt even more people to embrace a circular lifestyle and #KeepTheCycleGoing!