Pozar Festival: 23.100 drinks cans recycled during Greece’s biggest camping festival!

Pozar Festival: 23.100 drinks cans recycled during Greece’s biggest camping festival!

Pozar Festival: 23.100 drinks cans recycled during Greece’s biggest camping festival! 1905 565 Matina Zavoudaki

Kathe Kouti Metrai took the lead in drink can recycling at the Pozar Festival, Greece’s largest and most popular camping festival, which drew in over 30,000 visitors. This year’s participation was a huge success, with the collection of 23,100 drink cans, amounting to 308 kilograms of aluminium, sent to ELVAL’s Recycling Center for can-to-can recycling. 

For the second consecutive year, the Greek team partnered with AMSTEL beer and the Youth Association of Loutraki to be part of the festival’s 13th edition, held in a unique location surrounded by enchanting forests, waterfalls, and thermal springs. Our recycling ambassadors had a dual mission: encourage people to recycle empty cans to preserve the natural beauty of Almopia and support the Volunteer Association of Platelet, Blood, and Bone Marrow Donors, known as “Prosfora Zois”, through the proceeds from recycling.

The festival showcased the programme’s distinctive recycling innovations, including the eye-catching Every Can Counts backpacks, can-shaped bins for the separate collection of drink cans, and the impressive giant metal letters forming the word #POZAR. This installation not only served as a powerful symbol of the collective effort required to make a real difference but also became the most Instagrammable spot. Additionally, Kathe Kouti Metrai created a video to raise awareness and amplify the recycling cause, showcasing the available recycling points at the festival and emphasizing how simple actions, like recycling drink cans, can significantly impact the environment, conveying the message of “Recycle every can. Have fun. Leave no trace”.

Throughout the festival grounds, all recycling points were easily accessible for attendees to recycle their drink cans on the go effortlessly. The success of this recycling campaign was further reinforced by public announcements on the stage and the video playing on live screens, along with our ambassadors roaming the festival area, educating people about the importance of recycling in saving energy and natural resources.

Raising awareness about the importance of drink can recycling through innovative solutions that are both inspiring and practical is at the core of our mission at Evey Can Counts. And large festivals and events are the perfect place to make it happen,  allowing us to engage with an even wider audience. By combining a three-day music-filled event with recycling, Kathe Kouti Metrai encouraged thousands of individuals to contemplate their environmental attitudes and behaviours.

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