Svaka limenka se računa Joins the 57th BITEF Edition

Svaka limenka se računa Joins the 57th BITEF Edition

Svaka limenka se računa Joins the 57th BITEF Edition 1903 566 Matina Zavoudaki

BITEF, the Belgrade International Theatre Festival, has long been a global beacon for cutting-edge theatre, spotlighting renowned directors emerging artistic concepts and setting trends that resonate worldwide. This year, the 57th edition takes an innovative step towards embracing the sustainable revolution with a dedicated focus on ecology and recycling, thanks to the partnership with our initiative, Svaka limenka se računa.

A striking symbol of this collaboration is the Every Can Counts #PixelCan—a fantastic creation made from collected used cans. These cans have transformed into a vibrant masterpiece painted in the distinctive colours of BITEF. The installation serves as a visual representation of this year’s festival focus and embodies its ecological mission.

The artistic spectacle unfolded on a plateau in the central zone of Belgrade, drawing curious spectators into the fascinating process of Pixelcan’s creation. Citizens were not just passive observers; they became active participants by contributing their used cans, creating a sense of community engagement. As the #PixelCan took shape, passersby were invited to capture the moment by taking pictures before this eye-catching tribute to creativity and environmental consciousness.

Following its creation, this circular masterpiece found a new home at Nikola Pasic Square, next to the National Assembly of Serbia and the BITEF Media Center. This strategic location ensures that the #PixelCan will be a visual ambassador throughout the festival from October 3 to 10.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Pixelcan carries a crucial message—aluminium cans can and should be recycled. Svaka limenka se računa, aligned with BITEF’s commitment to pushing artistic and societal boundaries, aims to use the Pixelcan as a powerful medium to communicate the urgent need for more sustainable practices.