Ogni Lattina Vale x Coca-Cola: A Successful Summer of Recycling

Ogni Lattina Vale x Coca-Cola: A Successful Summer of Recycling

Ogni Lattina Vale x Coca-Cola: A Successful Summer of Recycling 1904 567 Matina Zavoudaki

Ogni Lattina Vale, our initiative in Italy, in partnership with CIAL Consortium and Coca-Cola, launched numerous activations focused on drink can recycling at major music events, achieving remarkable success during the summer of 2023.

330,000 aluminium drink cans were collected at 25 significant events, including the I-Days Milano Coca-Cola 2023, Coca-Cola Pizza Village, Milano Summer Festival in Milan, Firenze Rocks in Florence, and Pinguini Tattici Nucleari tour concerts. The beating heart of this collaboration was a team of 40 young ambassadors armed with the Every Can Counts signature backpacks for recycling on the go. Roaming the event spaces tirelessly, they engaged with the public, urging them to keep the areas clean and actively participate in the recycling process of the consumed cans.

The activation’s success was also due to the cooperation with the operators of Alia Firenze and Amsa Milano (the companies that deal with urban waste management on a territorial level), with whom special agreements had been made in advance. Space was also given to creativity. At the entrance to each concert, the colourful ECC #PixelCan installation, created from over 2,000 aluminium cans, welcomed the public, giving everyone a symbolic welcome. There was also room for a great little quiz. A good eye and a bit of luck were the ideal allies in guessing the exact number of pressed cans in a bale placed in plain sight. CIAL’s iconic Ricicletta® (city bike made from the equivalent of 800 drink cans) was up for grabs, now becoming the symbol of aluminium recycling.

On the beaches of Calabria – Ogni Lattina Vale, CIAL and Coca-Cola, together, have also been the protagonists of the summer with a remarkable collection of drink cans that took place at 100 beaches in 18 municipalities in Calabria, all located in areas protected by the Region’s Marine Parks Authority. This partnership dates back to 2021, and ever since, various projects related to sustainability and protecting the coastal regions have been launched. Around 150,000 cans are collected and recycled annually with the support of Ogni Latina Vale—an increase in separate waste collection, which in Calabria has been making significant progress in recent years.