Kathe Kouti Metrai goes to Pozar Festival

Kathe Kouti Metrai goes to Pozar Festival

Kathe Kouti Metrai goes to Pozar Festival 1904 531 Matina Zavoudaki

10 (+2) Pozar Festival in Aridaia returned bigger and better and our initiative in Greece, Kathe Kouti Metrai, joined forces with AMSTEL beer and the Youth Association of Loutraki to encourage people to recycle their empties and help keep the outdoors clean.

Our partnership with AMSTEL beer brought a 10-meter-long installation, built from giant metal letters that shaped the word #POZAR a.k.a. the name of the festival. During the three-day event, the giant bins were filled with drink cans while our ambassadors, equipped their special backpacks, were also there to make drink can recycling easier for the campers. More than 6.600 drink cans, or 88 kilos of aluminium, were collected and recycled. The proceeds of recycling will be donated to support the SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari and the Center of Creative Activities for Children with Disabilities, Iliaxtida, in Aridaia.

Our team was on a dual mission: to rock with the crowd and recycle every empty drink can contributing to more sustainable festivals. According to new survey data, environmental protection and recycling are very important issues for the vast majority of Greeks. However, most of them believe that there could be more done to address the challenges. More specifically, 94% of respondents would like to see more initiatives about the protection of the environment, while only 25% of Greeks always recycle their empties when out of home. 

Despite the challenges highlighted in our survey, the warm and passionate response that our recycling ambassadors encountered during this festival gives us the optimism and the determination to keep encouraging people to recycle their empties wherever they are. Next stop in Kathe Kouti Metrai’s summer recycling journey is the 42nd Nestorio River Party, the oldest camping festival in Greece.