For Serbia, this summer is all about festivals!

For Serbia, this summer is all about festivals!

For Serbia, this summer is all about festivals! 2560 1709 adminEirini

Music can have a big impact on the lives of people, but so does recycling! So what’s better than combining these two? The Serbian team of Every Can Counts couldn’t agree more and they’re working this summer with various festivals to raise more awareness about the importance of putting one’s empties in the right bin. 

GOČ EKO fest for the first time in Vrnjačka Banja

Bringing together recycling, ecology and electronic music, Svaka limenka se računa has collaborated with GOČ EKO  (25-27 June) to organize creative workshops related to sustainability and the environment along with the Recan Foundation. 

Exit Festival 

At Exit festival, a world-renowned event, guests had the chance to participate in the now-famous Every Can Counts Pixelata, an art mural composed of 2000 cans, and witness inspiring various environmental campaigns and activities by different organizations that share the same vision with EXIT Foundation:  to protect the planet and all life on it! Surely a great way to honour the festival’s motto, “Celebrate life!”. 

But that’s not all!

During August, the Recan Foundation and the ECC initiative will be present at the Lovefest (5-7/8) in Vrnjacka Banja with backpack-carrying recycling ambassadors and a designated recycle zone. At the OK festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina (13-15 August), there will be engaging activations, such as the Pixelata, an XO magic box, a Voting machine, as well as the programme’s, always active, backpackers. At the Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro (26-29/8), guests will be able to create their own colourful Pixelata, along with great summer memories!