EXIT Festival 2023: More than 11,000 Drink Cans Collected & Recycled 

EXIT Festival 2023: More than 11,000 Drink Cans Collected & Recycled 

EXIT Festival 2023: More than 11,000 Drink Cans Collected & Recycled  1903 566 Matina Zavoudaki

In a remarkable display of environmental commitment, our Serbian initiative, Svaka limenka se računa launched a successful recycling activation at the world-known Exit Festival, drawing in a massive crowd of over 200,000 visitors. 

Introducing new innovations, the Green Exit programme helped the collection of more than 11,000 empty drink cans – a staggering threefold increase from the previous year, setting a new benchmark for drink can recycling at this globally renowned event. From the signature Every Can Counts #PixelCan installation, the radiant I 💛 MUSIC can recycling metal cages, and the donning backpacks, the assets caught everyones’ attention, making recycling not just more accessible but also fun.

The activation of collecting drink cans was meticulously organized across the festival area, nestled within the historical Petrovaradin fortress. There, 20 recycling ambassadors equipped with 10 backpacks used state-of-the-art POS terminals to track the recycled quantity in real-time and reward responsible visitors with vouchers.

This digital counter increased efficiency and offered transparency and verifiable records of the collected cans – a noteworthy step towards further spreading our recycling message. Thanks to the Green Exit programme and the partnership with HEINEKEN in Serbia, festival attendees had an extra reason to participate in the recycling process. They were rewarded with a refreshing new beer by recycling seven empty drink cans. This incentive encouraged active recycling and demonstrated the power of collaborations in enjoying more sustainable events.

At Every Can Counts, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of innovation and promoting recycling in fun and creative ways. The EXIT Festival provided the perfect platform to make a lasting impact and educate thousands of visitors about the significance of drink can recycling. Our Serbian team has collaborated with the EXIT festival for an impressive 17 years. This partnership has consistently aimed to raise awareness among young people about the importance of drink can recycling and the positive impact their actions can have on the environment.