Drink Can Recycling Takes Centre Stage at the Iconic Jarocin Festival

Drink Can Recycling Takes Centre Stage at the Iconic Jarocin Festival

Drink Can Recycling Takes Centre Stage at the Iconic Jarocin Festival 1905 567 Matina Zavoudaki

Jarocin, the iconic Polish music festival with roots dating back to the 1980s, has once again hit the stage, attracting music enthusiasts from near and far. And our team Każda Puszka Cenna was there to make drink can recycling easier and inform visitors about the circularity of drink cans.

This festival has aged like a fine wine, gracefully maturing and drawing around 10,000 participants in this year’s edition. Since 2018, Każda Puszka Cenna has been an essential part of the festival, consistently introducing creative methods to promote drink can recycling while highlighting their infinite recyclability. This legendary festival was the perfect chance to educate festival-goers about the importance of drink can recycling and empower them to make a real impact by actively participating in the recycling process.

As the festival unfolded, the cooperation between our Polish initiative with the city hall, the local waste management company, and the event organizers took on a fresh and interactive approach, engaging even more with the festival-goers. This year, the design for the Every Can Counts signature installation #PixelCan was crowdsourced from the festival participants via social media. The task was simple yet impactful: vote for the preferred design and share the best memory from the Jarocin Festival. The winners were rewarded with free entry tickets and T-shirts, adding an element of excitement and teamwork to the campaign. Also, apart from the mural made from 2.000 drink cans, our recycling ambassadors, equipped with backpacks designed to collect empty drink cans on the go, voting boxes, and recycling bins, were on a mission to give every single drink can a chance for a new life.

Music festivals are not just about enjoying fantastic lineups; they can also serve as a platform to promote environmental consciousness. The Jarocin Festival recognized the importance of recycling in today’s world. And through these joint efforts, Każda Puszka Cenna has helped to minimize its environmental footprint by showcasing the power of collective action in making a real difference.