Ogni Lattina Vale and Coca-Cola Spread the Message of Recycling During Big Summer Events

Ogni Lattina Vale and Coca-Cola Spread the Message of Recycling During Big Summer Events

Ogni Lattina Vale and Coca-Cola Spread the Message of Recycling During Big Summer Events 1905 565 Matina Zavoudaki

As the summer heats up in Italy, the collaboration between our team, Ogni Lattina Vale, and Coca-Cola is in full swing, aimed at promoting recycling and environmental sustainability during various music and culinary events with the support of the CIAL Consortium. 

The partnership aims to ensure the collection and recycling of all aluminium cans distributed at numerous events, inspiring a recycling culture when out of the home. With an extensive network of recycling ambassadors, special agreements with local waste management companies, and Live Nation’s support, the campaign’s success has been remarkable.

This year’s summer season, we have witnessed an impressive lineup of events, including Firenze Rocks, Milano Summer Festival, Milano IDays, and an exclusive tour by the renowned band Pinguini Tattici Nucleari. Ogni Lattina Vale’s recycling ambassadors, equipped with backpacks and collection bags, roamed the festivals to ensure the efficient collection of empty cans. Across 25 stages, approximately 830,000 drink cans were consumed, and almost 100% of them were successfully collected and recycled. 

A Long-term Recycling Partnership 

Three years ago, Coca-Cola joined forces with our Italian initiative, Ogni Latina Vale, to champion out-of-home recycling. This shared vision encourages recycling during significant events, including music festivals and even the collection of drink cans at popular beaches. Since 2021, a special summer collection activation has been initiated in Calabria, encompassing 15 municipalities and 100 beaches, in collaboration with the Region and the Marine Parks Authority. This united effort reinforces the importance of promoting sustainability during events and leisure spaces, fostering a sense of collective responsibility towards the environment.

As a supporting partner of our team’s endeavours, Live Nation, a prominent organiser of musical events, has listed Ogni Lattina Vale as one of the pillars of their events’ sustainability. “We are thrilled to collaborate with CIAL and promote the Every Can Counts’ message at our festivals such as Firenze Rocks and I-Days Milano, says Michela Trevisan, Sponsorship Manager of Live Nation Italia. ‘By recycling all the aluminium cans consumed during the festival, we take an important step towards creating a more environmentally friendly event. Together, we can inspire others to embrace recycling in ‘on the go’ and ‘away from home’ contexts.

During the many concert stages held so far and the upcoming activations scheduled for August and September, a dedicated team of recycling ambassadors will be actively present. Their primary goal is to inspire the public to keep clean public spaces and embrace responsible recycling practices. Equipped with their donning backpacks, these ambassadors will collect the empties consumed during the festivals, ensuring they are properly recycled. This proactive approach towards environmental consciousness will be especially emphasised during culinary events like the famous traveling Pizza Village, where the ambassadors will play a key role in promoting the importance of can recycling.

Welcoming people at the entrances to stadiums and arenas with colourful #PixelCan installations, made of more than 2.000 drink cans, the signature mural of Every Can Counts is placed at the centre of the campaign to remind thousands of festival goers about the infinite possibilities of aluminium. Finally, a fun-filled quiz challenged the public to guess the number of pressed aluminium cans included in a can bale with CIAL’s famous Ricicletta, an innovative city bike created from 800 recycled aluminium cans, up for grabs.