Drink Can Recycling Sets the Rhythm at the Arsenal Fest

Drink Can Recycling Sets the Rhythm at the Arsenal Fest

Drink Can Recycling Sets the Rhythm at the Arsenal Fest 1905 571 Matina Zavoudaki

Summer, music, drinks on the go and recycling every can! The Arsenal Fest, held from June 28 to July 1 in the beautiful city of Kragujevac, Serbia, not only delivered an incredible lineup of domestic and international performances but also became a platform for promoting drink can recycling. 

Collaborating with our Serbian initiative, Svaka limenka se računa, the festival aimed to inspire attendees, particularly the younger generation, to prioritize recycling and protect the planet. Known for its diverse music and attracting a wide audience, the festival’s organizers recognized the need to integrate more sustainable practices into the lineup. 

Throughout the festival grounds, Svaka limenka se računa established multiple recycling spots conveniently placed to encourage festival-goers to recycle their drink cans. These designated areas and the enthusiastic recycling ambassadors made it easy for attendees to recycle their used aluminium cans on the go and on the spot. By actively involving the audience in the recycling process, our team successfully conveyed the importance of not letting drink  cans end up as waste.

One of the highlights of the activation was the presence of #PixelCan, our programme’s signature installation showcasing aluminium’s endless possibilities. With vibrant colours and captivating visuals,the  #PixelCan served as a powerful symbol of sustainability and inspired festival-goers to rethink their consumption and recycling habits. This immersive experience left a lasting impression, motivating individuals to embrace recycling as an essential part of their daily lives.