The French Recycling Tour 2022 Is Completed!

The French Recycling Tour 2022 Is Completed!

The French Recycling Tour 2022 Is Completed! 1903 569 Matina Zavoudaki

After the success of the last year’s French Recycling Tour, Chaque Canette Compte took the summer campaign to the next level, traveling in Guadeloupe and taking over the most touristic sites and the biggest lakes in Paris!

By visiting more than 25 beaches, walking 260 km of shoreline, placing 79 Every Can Counts recycling bins in bars and restaurants, reaching 5.585 people and collecting 2.550 aluminium cans, our french initiative completed the first stop of the summer tour in Guadeloupe and the first-ever can recycling activation in Overseas France.

For one week, from April 15 to April 24, our French team with the support of CITEO, was roaming the most popular beaches of Guadeloupe on one mission: to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal in public spaces and collect as many drink cans as possible.

Equipped with colorful backpacks and a new generation of rolling baskets for collection, the Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors continued their journey traveling all across the biggest lakes and landmarks in Paris. There, they interacted with the locals and the visitors, spreading the message of the infinite recyclability of aluminium while helping them recycle their empties on the spot.

So far this exotic recycling tour is well received by media outlets and will keep on going above and beyond next year to encourage people in different locations to recycle every drink can and inspire them to change attitudes in order to make a real difference.

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