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Influencer outreach: a vlog about can recycling reached more than 100,000 views in less than a month

Influencer outreach: a vlog about can recycling reached more than 100,000 views in less than a month 2560 1280 adminEirini

Každá plechovka se počíta, the Every Can Counts programme in Czechia cooperated with a popular influencer to create a fresh and impactful campaign about drink can recycling that reached more than 100,000 views only a month after its launch.

Petr Potměšil (21), known as Peca, has been on YouTube since 2016. Ηe mostly attracted his fans through his positive and energetic outlook on life. That is exemplified in his motto “Mám se fajn” (I’m feeling great). It’s this energy that he puts into his work where he tries to inspire and educate his audience.

#17 on YouTube Trends

Using YouTube and Instagram -where Peca has more that 110,000 followers- as the campaign’s primary platforms, it celebrated the magic of can recycling and sustainable living. The content was received enthusiastically. Achieving more that 100,000 views, only a month after its launch, with 15,000 interactions and ranking #17 on YouTube Trends. The format of a vlog was the most appropriate for the topic, and Peca was an active part in the creative process from the beginning. 

The vlog connects meaningfully a sorting line in Prague where important information was presented by Mr. Radim Mana, the spokesman for waste collection company Pražské Služby, with the production of cans where important information was presented by Mr. Pavel Batík of Ball Corporation. Additionally, everything was accompanied by shots depicting the sorting and production processes.

The vlog’s goal

Certainly, the goal was to create educational content that would familiarize young people with drink can recycling in the most natural way possible. “We didn’t want to work with just numbers and benefits. Instead, we wanted to show the entire can making and recycling process supported by statements from experts in the field. We also wanted to show places the average person never sees and answer questions associated with recycling: Such as how much energy is saved? Why is it important to properly sort waste? etc. In other words – We wanted to dispel myths about aluminium can recycling in a cool way.

It was important for us that the creators we worked with had a connection with sustainability and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. That was the only way to make it appealing to the public. Thus, it was necessary to know their work.” explains the creative team of Každá plechovka se počíta