Recycling Every Drink Can at Piknik Elektronik

Recycling Every Drink Can at Piknik Elektronik

Recycling Every Drink Can at Piknik Elektronik 1905 567 Matina Zavoudaki

Summer in Brussels has become even more vibrant, welcoming a new and dynamic collaboration between Every Can Counts and Piknik Elektronik. 

Piknik Elektronik, a women-led project, has reintroduced the favourite tradition of Sunday picnics, combining it with inspiring music. These outdoor events encourage people to gather with friends and family in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, creating a sense of community while inspiring awareness of the environment.

Piknik Elektronik events focus on selling local and fair-trade products, promoting zero waste, responsible consumption, and recycling. With our initiative in Brussels, Every Can Counts Benelux, as their ally, this summer’s music events in Brussels take on an even more exciting hue, emphasizing out-of-home and on-the-go drink can recycling to ensure a fun-filled but environmentally conscious celebration.

Piknik Elektronik’s vision of creating inclusive events resonates perfectly with our mission to promote out-of-home drink can recycling and help facilitate more responsible waste management. By joining forces, we created a powerful synergy, offering partygoers a memorable music experience and an opportunity to learn more about the endless possibilities of aluminium and how every time a drink can is recycled, it saves energy and natural resources.

As music enthusiasts storm to the free-admission events in Brussels, our team and Piknik Elektronik collaborate to heighten the on-the-go recycling experience. With colourful recycling backpacks, the motivated ambassadors are on hand to help visitors recycle their empty drink cans wherever they are. The convenience of on-site recycling empowers festival-goers to take small yet impactful steps towards a more sustainable future.

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