Every Can Counts for the 36th Belgrade Marathon

Every Can Counts for the 36th Belgrade Marathon

Every Can Counts for the 36th Belgrade Marathon 1903 570 Matina Zavoudaki

Our initiative in Serbia, Svaka limenka se računa, recently partnered with Giz, Mercator, Solgar, Naled, Recan, and Sekopak to launch the Smart Recycling project during the 36th Belgrade Marathon, held on April 23.

At the central zone of the marathon, more than 10,500 runners from 64 countries, along with thousands of visitors, were able to recycle their empty drink cans with the help of the smart crusher. Our project promoters were also present, distributing drinks in aluminum cans and raising awareness about the benefits of the Smart Recycling project. Furthermore, passersby were able to see the smart can crusher in action and learn about the registration process using the Solagro app.

Svaka limenka se računa is committed to supporting key events in Serbia that promote recycling, environmental protection, and sustainable living. By partnering with stakeholders in Europe and beyond, Every Can Counts works towards reaching its vision of 100% drink can recycling while also fostering more responsible attitudes towards the environment.

These initiatives highlight the importance of recycling in creating a more sustainable future, and it’s inspiring to see so many organizations working together for a common cause: to make a real difference for our planet.