Chaque Canette Compte: Drink can recycling takes no days off this summer

Chaque Canette Compte: Drink can recycling takes no days off this summer

Chaque Canette Compte: Drink can recycling takes no days off this summer 1904 531 Matina Zavoudaki

From new brand partnerships and sampling campaigns to the ongoing French Recycling Tour, Chaque Canette Compte has kicked off this summer with engaging recycling activations. 

Partnering up with Tourtel Twist and 1664, our team in France will be product sampling and aluminium can recycling this summer at the Asterix amusement park and the gas stations near the busiest holiday driving routes. Since the beginning of the year, Chaque Canette Compte has been out and about collecting every empty drink can, participating in more than 30 events that lasted 50 days and recycling around 246.000 aluminium cans! Some of these events include the motorsport race ‘’24 Hours of Le Mans’’ and the cooperation with SIGIDURS, during which a group of municipalities near Paris created and exhibited their own themed and eye-catching PixelCan installations. 

Being more than willing to get their hands dirty while recycling on the go, our team members were also part of Coke’s sampling campaigns that included concerts in the heart of Paris, festivals, such as the Disney Pride, and many more fun activities  all over the country. But the story doesn’t end here since the French Recycling Tour continues its journey to the biggest lakes in the country.

The recycling journey continues in France

After visiting the metropolitan France in 2021, Guadeloupe in spring and the most popular sites in Paris during the International Recycling Tour 2022, Chaque Canette Compte, along with CITEO, continue their  Recycling Tour by visiting popular summer sites in France to raise awareness and encourage more people to recycle their drink cans when out of home. From August 6 to August 15, our team will roam the beaches of the  largest lakes in France with one mission: to reach as many holidaymakers as possible and separately collect their empties, while educating them about the importance of sorting and recycling. 

“Places for swimming or walking, such as lakes, are key locations for recycling drink cans on the go. So, this is the ideal opportunity for our team to raise awareness about can sorting and recycling, reach more people, answer their questions and inform them. These natural public spaces are highly popular during summer and our top priority is to keep them clean. In addition, we also invite the local associations concerned, local officials, etc. to come and meet us and roam these lakes together or help us along the way of the most exciting recycling tour! This will be an opportunity for them to highlight the sorting devices that are located around these lakes or in nearby areas, many of which already help carrying out the sorting process when out of home, explains Lucien Debever, Director of Chaque Canette Compte.

This summer will last longer for Chaque Canette Compte, as activations will continue in September, when the ‘’PixelCan month“ will take place with the Marathon de Colmar event. Also, a second PixelCan activation is going to be set up in Northern France. Once this activation is over, it will be the time for our team to join… the Fifa World cup in Paris!