In 2020: Be More Like Bangor University

In 2020: Be More Like Bangor University 2560 1707 PedroUK

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

In 2019, Bangor University in Wales partnered with Every Can Counts to improve on-site can recycling facilities for its 11,000 students and 2,000 members of staff. The University introduced branded Every Can Counts recycling bins in eight locations, providing students and staff with the opportunity to recycle drink cans whilst ‘on the go’.

The Every Can Counts recycling bins were introduced as part of Waste Awareness Week #WAW19, Bangor University’s annual campaign. The event was promoted across social media channels as well as by email to students and staff to increase awareness and encourage them to recycle more when walking around the University.

Gwen Holland, Sustainability Research Officer and Campus Waste Co-ordinator said: “Bangor University was delighted to be approached by the Every Can Counts campaign and jumped at the opportunity to receive ‘on the go’ can recycling bins for our estate. Aluminium cans are a great material to capture as they are closed loop, which means they can be recycled over and over, forever, with no loss of quality and using only 5% of the energy used when creating the product from new.”

“We hope this will be yet another step to ensure valuable material is captured here at Bangor, and not lost to energy recovery”, said Gwen.

Julie Meeks from Every Can Counts, said: “Bangor University has taken on the Every Can Counts programme as part of their proactive approach and by working together we aim to improve recycling across the site with the branded bins.”

At Every Can Counts, we urge more colleges and universities to get involved and start working with our programme; whether universities are looking for help promoting existing recycling facilities, or for those looking to start a new recycling scheme from scratch, we’re here to help!

This year be more like Bangor University and implement our free-to-use can recycling programme to help shape the sustainability of your institution.

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In 2020, Be More Like: Ecosurety

In 2020, Be More Like: Ecosurety 1600 1200 PedroUK

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

Let us introduce Ecosurety, a leading producer responsibility compliance scheme investing in quality recycling for packaging, WEEE and batteries in the UK.  Last year, team members volunteered to join us at Boomtown Fair as Every Can counts ambassadors.

Alice Flavin, Ecosurety Business Development Manager tells us all about the partnership:

“At Ecosurety, it is important for us to get out of the office and to get stuck into something different. Four of us decided to take our three volunteering days and go to a festival to promote can recycling! It was great to work with the Every Can Counts team, their energy and passion really made those early mornings easier.”

“They supported us to have the “get up and go” attitude to get down to the campsites and tell a few fun facts about can recycling with the festival-goers and grab some cans along the way in our big green can backpacks!”, said Alice.

This first-hand experience showed how receptive festival-goers are regarding the importance of environmentally friendly initiatives.

“I think that festival-goers really want to make a difference and do the right thing, but there seems to be a real sense of consumer confusion around what to do with their waste outside of their home. The addition of the large can recycling bins on our back definitely made for a good feature, leading festival-goers to chuck their cans in as we wandered through the campsite. I would say my take away point would be if recycling waste isn’t made easy for consumers, the motivation to do the right thing decreases” said Alice.

This year, be more like Ecosurety and join us in our mission to spread the love for the infinite recyclability of drink cans.

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In 2020, Be More Like: Kent Police East Division’s Green Guardians

In 2020, Be More Like: Kent Police East Division’s Green Guardians 2560 1704 PedroUK

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

Our first source of inspiration is the Kent Police East Division’s ‘Green Guardians’ team.

The team wanted to raise awareness and influence behaviour change to reduce the carbon footprint of Kent Police by upgrading the recycling facilities available to their staff. Working alongside their waste contractor, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, the team signed up to Every Can Counts and created dedicated recycling points at each of the six police stations in the area, to ensure waste was segregated correctly and contamination was minimised.

Fred McCormack, Detective Inspector, Kent Police said “In support of our five-year Carbon Management Plan, Kent Police Green Guardians are working hard to ensure as much of their waste is recycled as possible. Police officers and staff love their cans of pop so by ensuring every can is collected and recycled properly we hope to prevent unnecessary virgin aluminium being used in the future.”

The scheme has been so successful that the programme is being rolled out across the North and West divisions of Kent Police, as well as the Force Headquarters. The team were awarded an Every Can Counts ‘Green Can Award’ which recognises all the hard work of the officers and staff.

Julie Meeks from Every Can Counts, said: “Kent Police has taken on the Every Can Counts programme as part of their proactive approach to creating a sustainable working environment. We urge more Police stations to get involved and sign up to the free to use Every Can Counts programme.”

This year be more like Kent Police Green Guardians East Division and implement our free-to-use can recycling programme to shape the sustainability of your working environment.

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Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Beach Guardian

Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Beach Guardian 1920 1080 PedroUK

One of the most beautiful locations in the UK, Cornwall is almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic, a magnificent coastline of some 300 miles.  Boasting spectacular beaches and captivating fishing harbours, the surf provides a natural playground for locals and holidaymakers.  And amongst the Cornish cream teas and surfboards, we find Beach Guardian.

Beach Guardian connects people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing, through regular community beach cleans and educational workshops with schools and other groups.

Every Can Counts has been working in partnership with Beach Guardian for over a year, so what better time to pack jumpers, wellies and waterproofs and head south-west in order to get involved in their fabulous work first-hand.

Against a backdrop of seriously wet and wild weather, the founders of Beach Guardian took us on a tour of the coastline, so we could see for ourselves how local businesses have implemented Every Can Counts on their premises.  We got stuck into a beach clean and spoke to people who have a shared commitment to protect the environment.  It is fair to say that we were cold, whipped by the gale-force winds, soaked to the skin, and most importantly – truly inspired.

For Emily Stevenson, Beach Guardian is a passion.  With her bold statement of wearing a graduation gown made of Walkers crisp packets, Emily reaches out to the world to increase awareness of the need to protect our precious oceans.

We learn from Rob Stevenson, who co-founded the project with daughter Emily Stevenson, how small regular beach cleans blossomed into Beach Guardian.

Mother Ivey’s Bay is home to an award-winning holiday park and is one of the many sites Beach Guardian and Every Can Counts have worked with to support drink can recycling.  Guests, team members and sustainability are at the heart of this long-established business.  Owner Patrick explains how they got involved with Beach Guardian.

Every Can Counts has supported Beach Guardian by providing can collection bins and free-standing can crushers to sites across Cornwall, so people can recycle their drink cans more easily when they are out and about.  If you would like to find out more about how Every Can Counts can support businesses and organisations in your local area, please get in touch by emailing or call the team on 01527 597757.

Celebrating 10 Years of Every Can Counts

Celebrating 10 Years of Every Can Counts 2000 666 PedroUK

Every Can Counts is celebrating its 10th Birthday and a decade of continued growth and success!
In 2008 research by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) found that at least 30% of the drink cans sold in the UK were consumed ‘on the go’ or away from home. With that in mind, drink can makers and metal packaging recyclers decided to work together to develop a behaviour change programme that would encourage and make it easier for people to recycle drink cans when they are out of the home. And so it was that Every Can Counts was launched in 2009.

Fast forward ten years and the Every Can Counts programme has established itself as Europe’s leading out of home recycling behaviour change programme, inspiring people to recycle their drink cans wherever they are. The programme’s ambitious vision is for every drink can across Europe to be recycled.

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of Alupro, said: “Every Can Counts has gone from strength to strength since its launch back in 2009. The programme has expanded across Europe to 16 countries, which is a testament to the strength of the brand and its clear messaging, enabling Every Can Counts to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Our commitment to innovation and further development of the programme is ensuring that Every Can Counts continues to lead the way towards higher recycling rates by driving consumer behaviour change.”

Every Can Counts works with a wide range of stakeholders to introduce and improve drink can recycling. Programme partners include leading brands, businesses, universities and colleges, tourist attractions and festival and event organisers. Since its launch, thousands of organisations have signed up to the programme and there are now more than 15,000 Every Can Counts branded recycling points around the UK.

Over 20% of these recycling points donate the cans they collect to local community groups, which raise funds for charitable causes and run social activities using the money generated by the sale of drink cans. Every Can Counts continues to support and promote these groups, highlighting the possibility for drink can recycling to provide social benefit to local communities in addition to the significant environmental benefits.

In recent years, an increasingly significant part of the Every Can Counts UK programme has been its work with festivals and events where large volumes of cans are consumed. In 2019, Every Can Counts partnered with more events than ever before delivering activations at 30 events including Download Festival, Latitude Festival, Boomtown Fair and the Tough Mudder endurance series.

Every Can Counts is updating the look and feel of its brand ahead of 2020, with plans to utilise a wider range of communications channels and explore innovative new activation opportunities.  Bolstered by its largest-ever presence across Europe, Every Can Counts is gearing up for another exciting year of putting the fun in recycling and spreading the brand’s messages further than ever before.

Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian

Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian 2560 1920 PedroUK

For our recent Alupro team meeting, we decided to head down to Cornwall and visit Beach Guardian, a community interest company which partners with our Every Can Counts programme.  Against the backdrop of the beautiful Cornish coastline, we learnt more about the work of Beach Guardian and how they engage with a vast range of stakeholders to educate and inspire people to get involved with cleaning and maintaining local beaches.

And what better way for the Alupro team to learn about Beach Guardian’s work than to take part in a beach clean themselves?  The weather was wet and wild as we clambered up and down rocks and negotiated the incoming tide.  Some of the team were more adventurous, others trod with caution, but we all made it out unscathed – if a little bit wet!

We were keen to share what we found in the sand and hidden in the rocks, which included shards of plastic, a flip-flop, snorkel mask, bicycle tyre and even a mysterious bone!  Yet amongst the detritus there was also treasure – a number of beautiful mermaid purses (or shark egg cases), which The Shark Trust encourages people to record as part of the Great Eggcase Hunt.

After a truly windswept experience enjoying the outdoors and sea air of Cornwall, we can all now proudly say #IAmABeachGuardian

Reflecting on a Sustainable Summer

Reflecting on a Sustainable Summer 2560 1920 PedroUK

The growing demand for festivals to go plastics-free this summer led to a significant rise in the interest in the drink can recycling programme, Every Can Counts. Festivals are big business, and the UK has gained a reputation for hosting a diverse calendar of events large and small.  However, organisers are under significant pressure to ensure their events are as sustainable as possible.

Every Can Counts is the leading programme to promote drink can recycling; originally conceived in 2009, our aim remains simple and straightforward – to inspire everyone to make a difference by recycling their drink cans when they are away from home.

The programme has enjoyed its busiest and most productive Summer, a fitting way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  Present at over 30 festivals and sports events, the team has directly engaged with close to 10,000 people about the infinite recyclability of the humble drink can.  Using a range of creative experiences enables the team to drive up recycling rates at an event, but importantly to drive positive behaviour change long after the glitter and mud are washed away.

A collective audience of over 1 million people had the opportunity to interact with the Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors and their unique can recycling back packs, to view the Every Can Counts video on big screens, and new in 2019, the innovative and engaging can cages and voting bins. At five festivals, people were encouraged to bring drink cans to the Every Can Counts pitch in return for money-can’t-buy tee-shirts – this alone generated nearly 50,000 more cans collected for recycling by the onsite waste contractor.

Andy Ellis, Director of Lost Village Festival said “Every Can Counts helped us bring a sharp focus on recycling and educate our customers more than ever. It’s clear that the solution to waste is anthropic; leading by example, engaging and, quite simply, talking to people and spreading the word. Every Can Count’s strong presence in our campsite, combined with their personable and passionate team, harnessed undeniably positive results at Lost Village 2019.

The Every Can Counts programme is unique in that it brings together a broad spectrum of partners; organisers of iconic festivals, sports events, well-known drink brands, independent event organisers, packaging manufacturers, community groups, industry bodies and waste and recycling contractors.

Chris Latham-Warde, Every Can Counts programme manager said “This Summer’s programme is our biggest year so far!   We’re excited to work with long-term partners such as Festival Republic, and to have developed new partnerships with acclaimed independent festivals 2000trees in Cheltenham and Lost Village in Lincolnshire.  We are also supporting Tough Mudder at ten of their nationwide obstacle race events, as well as working with grassroots community events.

“We are passionate about what we do and are determined to change the game. The UK aluminium drink can recycling rate stands at 75% and we will do everything in our power to improve this figure year on year.”

Freshney Place Shopping Centre extends partnership with Every Can Counts

Freshney Place Shopping Centre extends partnership with Every Can Counts 2560 1703 PedroUK

Freshney Place shopping centre is delighted to be extending its partnership with Every Can Counts (ECC) following the popularity of the bins which were installed in 2018 as part of Freshney Place’s Green Grimsby campaign. Green Grimsby, of which ECC was an official partner, aimed to highlight the town’s reputation as the renewable energy capital of the UK and drive greater awareness of environmental concerns, including sustainability and a greener approach to a multi tenanted and community used building.

Currently there is a can crushing station and ECC bins located in the shopping centre, along with two new recycling stations, complementing the centre’s objective to improve recycling facilities for customers. There are also ECC bins in the majority of shops within the centre. It is estimated by shopping centre management that more than 500 cans are being crushed and recycled every month.

Neil Grice, Operations Manager said: “The can-crushing stations have been very popular with customers and have really helped us to achieve our environmental targets. Last year Freshney Place was awarded two major environmental accreditations including a Green Apple Environment Award and a Green Award from Investors in the Environment – their highest level of accreditation.

“Resource usage and environmental practices continue to be important operational objectives and this includes the use of ECC’s bins which encourage customers to recycle drinks cans efficiently.”

Beach Guardian wins Green Can Award for Recycling

Beach Guardian wins Green Can Award for Recycling 2560 1707 PedroUK

Beach Guardian based in Padstow, Cornwall have received a national recycling award for their outstanding work in recycling drink cans and raising awareness of the impact to the environment by people not recycling.

The Every Can Counts Green Can Award has been awarded to Beach Guardian co-founders – father and daughter duo Rob Stevenson and Emily Stevenson.

Beach Guardian was established in 2017 and organises voluntary beach cleans, on average one every week with around 25 people volunteering.  Litter and marine plastics are collected, taken back to their Lab in Padstow where it is sorted and cleaned, to take into schools in Cornwall and run art and educational workshops.

They also engage with businesses and organisations to encourage their staff to volunteer and to reduce their reliance on unnecessary single use plastics. This has meant getting retailers, shops and takeaways to switch from drinks in plastic bottles to drinks in cans, including brands such as Life Water and Canowater. Beach Guardian have used social media to regularly post about their activities. This has encouraged people within Cornwall to save and recycle their cans which has meant a huge increase in awareness amongst the various coastal communities.

Recycling bins have been distributed throughout Cornwall to the Council, cafes and shops, including outdoor ones at the Falmouth Maritime Museum, Old Macdonald’s Farm and Rick Stein’s restaurants in Padstow and Newquay. Beach Guardian have teamed up with Henry Orchard and Sons to recycle all the drink cans collected.

Henry Orchard says “Here in the UK we recycle twice as much as we did 15 years ago, but there’s still a long way to go. We’re proud to do our bit with our involvement with Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian, as well as our own safe and efficient metal and waste electricals processing. We have been taking in aluminium cans and giving a donation to the Beach Guardian project for every bag we receive as part of this initiative.”

Presenting the award Kate Cole Programme Manager for Every Can Counts says “It is an honour to present a Green Can Award to Beach Guardian. This is a fantastic example of how collecting and recycling drinks cans and other metal packaging not only generates much needed funds it also makes a significant contribution to the environment.”

Rob Stevenson Co-Founder and Director of Beach Guardian says “We would like to see every business switch from selling drinks in Plastic Bottles to Aluminium Cans. Even with the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme, plastic bottles can only be recycled up to 18 times whereas Aluminium can be recycled and used again and again to make new packaging and Aluminium is endlessly recyclable cutting down on waste and saving energy too.”

Every Can Counts is a free to use recycling initiative that aims to increase the number of drinks cans recycled, whether at work or while out and about.

The programme aims to increase the number of drinks cans recycled, whether at work or whilst out and about, by providing practical advice and support, including free communication materials and help with finding a recycling collection partner.

Foil for Snappy wins Every Can Counts Green Can Award

Foil for Snappy wins Every Can Counts Green Can Award 2560 1709 PedroUK

Foil for Snappy based in York have received a national recycling award for their outstanding work in recycling drink cans and other aluminium packaging.

Foil for Snappy was created by Karen Nash in December 2012 to help raise funds for The Snappy Trust.  The Snappy Trust, formerly known as Snappy (Special Needs Activities and Play Provision for York), is a registered charity supporting children and young people with wide ranging disabilities, from across the York area and was originally set up back in 1985.

The Every Can Counts Green Can Award has been awarded to Karen Nash and her Foil for Snappy project in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the initiative.  The project collects drink cans, foil and household cables for recycling.  The material is sold to L. Clancey & Sons – an aluminium recycling centre based on the outskirts of York in Murton.  Since its establishment Foil for Snappy has recycled over 7 tonnes of aluminium material, raising £5000 for The Snappy Trust.

The Foil for Snappy project has gone from strength to strength over the years and now operates over 50 collection points across York in a variety of locations, including supermarket car parks, community buildings and local businesses.

Presenting the award, Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said “Karen has achieved brilliant results since starting Foil for Snappy.  Thanks to Karen, York residents have the opportunity to support an important local charity whilst also doing the right thing for the environment by recycling their drink cans and other aluminium packaging.  The project’s work is of benefit to both the local community and the wider environment, so it’s a privilege to present Karen with this Green Can Award.”

Karen Nash, the Project Leader for Foil for Snappy, said “The Snappy Trust supports over 300 children with additional needs including my own son.  By recycling what others throw away we are fundraising for them and saving the planet at the same time which is very satisfying.  I never imagined that asking friends of Snappy to collect a few Christmas drink cans and mince pie cases to raise a little bit of extra money could become a city-wide aluminium recycling collection.  I am very proud of what we have achieved and to receive this national award in recognition of our hard work is very special.”

Anne Stamp, Service Manager at The Snappy Trust said “We are incredibly grateful for the Foil for Snappy project.  Not only has it raised awareness for The Snappy Trust but also for the environment, so much so that even the young people who attend Snappy have become more responsible with their cans.”