Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian

Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian

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For our recent Alupro team meeting, we decided to head down to Cornwall and visit Beach Guardian, a community interest company which partners with our Every Can Counts programme.  Against the backdrop of the beautiful Cornish coastline, we learnt more about the work of Beach Guardian and how they engage with a vast range of stakeholders to educate and inspire people to get involved with cleaning and maintaining local beaches.

And what better way for the Alupro team to learn about Beach Guardian’s work than to take part in a beach clean themselves?  The weather was wet and wild as we clambered up and down rocks and negotiated the incoming tide.  Some of the team were more adventurous, others trod with caution, but we all made it out unscathed – if a little bit wet!

We were keen to share what we found in the sand and hidden in the rocks, which included shards of plastic, a flip-flop, snorkel mask, bicycle tyre and even a mysterious bone!  Yet amongst the detritus there was also treasure – a number of beautiful mermaid purses (or shark egg cases), which The Shark Trust encourages people to record as part of the Great Eggcase Hunt.

After a truly windswept experience enjoying the outdoors and sea air of Cornwall, we can all now proudly say #IAmABeachGuardian