Ogni Lattina Vale and Amazon Italy join forces as part of the “Recycling Week 2021” initiative

Ogni Lattina Vale and Amazon Italy join forces as part of the “Recycling Week 2021” initiative 1920 1080 adminEirini

To achieve a truly circular economy and 100% can recycling throughout Europe, people and brands need to act in unison. It’s with great pleasure then that Ogni Lattina Vale, our programme in Italy, have partnered with Amazon for a joint activity in September and October to further pursue this goal.

As part of the “Recycling Week 2021” initiative, three of Amazon’s operation centres, Passo Corese, Colleferro, and Terrazza Piemontese will organise a separate collection of used aluminium cans by the company’s employees. All cans collected will be recycled with the support of CIAL, Italy’s National Aluminium Packaging Consortium, which represents the Every Can Counts programme in the country.

The proceeds from the recycled cans will be then donated by Amazon and CIAL to a non-profit organization that will be identified later. This project is coordinated by CIAL to strengthen the separate collection of aluminium, in a country where approximately 70% of the aluminium packaging is recycled every year.

Despite the obvious challenges brought by the pandemic, Ogni Lattina Vale has managed to secure a variety of partnerships and activations during major events such as the Misano Moto GP, the Viareggio Carnival, the Giffoni Film Festival, and a summer recycling campaign  in over a hundred Calabrian beaches,  together with  the Marine Parks Authority of the Region.

Can recycling on the fast lane in Austria

Can recycling on the fast lane in Austria 2560 1707 adminEirini

During the summer holidays, “Jede Dose zählt”, our team members in Austria, cooperated with Red Bull to contribute to more sustainable events and a more circular world, sports included!

While the best cars and motorcycles were competing in the Red Bull Ring for the “Formula 1 BWT Großer Preis von Österreich 2021”, “Michelin Grand Prix of Styria 2021” and “Motorrad Grad Prix von Österreich 2021” in July and August, “Jede Dose zählt” was raising awareness for can recycling.

With colourful recycling-backpack-teams, giveaways and entertaining VR and XO- games, people got informed about can recycling on a daily basis. In total “Jede Dose zählt” interacted with more than 10,000 people and recycled thousands of drink cans.

While these cans are already back on their way into the recycling loop, the next Austrian Red Bull event is already planned: On September 26th “Jede Dose zählt” will promote can recycling during the “Red Bull flight day” and make sure once more that empty cans end up in the proper recycling bins!

Watch the highlights!

Every Can Counts UK Celebrates Recycle Week 2021

Every Can Counts UK Celebrates Recycle Week 2021 1920 1080 adminEirini

Recycle Week 2021 takes place from 20th – 26th September in the UK, and Every Can Counts UK is celebrating by partnering with City of London Corporation to bring the iconic #EveryCanCounts Rainbow installation to the heart of the capital. The eye-catching rainbow archway, created from over 2,500 recycled cans, will be on display in Carter Lane Gardens outside St Paul’s Cathedral from Thursday 16th September until Thursday 23rd.

The installation aims to inspire more people to recycle their empty cans by highlighting the environmental benefits delivered through can recycling.

In the first three months of this year, the total volume of domestic recycling collected in the City of London was up by nearly 10 tonnes on 2020, as lockdown restrictions made it easier for people to recycle at home. However, Every Can Counts UK’s own research suggests that seven in 10 of those in London say they have noticed more litter over the past year, and most of these people believe this is as a direct result of the pandemic.

67% of those surveyed say they take packaging home to recycle if there aren’t recycling facilities in public places, with nearly eight in 10 (78%) claiming that they would recycle more while out and about if there were a greater number of recycling bins.

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts UK, said:

“You couldn’t really pick a more iconic London location than right in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. And the workmanship that’s gone into the installation really is quite impressive.

“The rainbow is our way of reminding people about the importance of recycling cans at a time when the environment is on the agenda, ahead of Recycle Week and in the lead-up to the UN Climate Change Conference.

“Recycling an empty drink can is a small thing that each of us can do for the benefit of the environment, and these small actions all add up. Not only are drink cans endlessly recyclable, but making a can from recycled metal uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions. We’re here to raise awareness of these significant benefits and inspire more people to make a difference by doing the right thing with their empty cans.

“In 2020, a record four out of five drink cans sold in the UK were recycled, as we spent much of the year locked down at home with easy access to recycling bins. We now want to keep this up as things return to normality, and our goal at Every Can Counts is to continue making progress towards a 100% recycling rate for drink cans.”

From Thursday 23rd, the installation will be taken directly to Birmingham, the country’s second largest city, where it will be on display for the remainder of Recycle Week. The installation’s time in Birmingham city centre will coincide with the Birmingham Pride event – giving the rainbow extra relevance and an opportunity to remind the large crowds celebrating Pride to do the right thing and recycle their empty cans. 

Každá Plechovka Se Počítá takes part in Red Bull’s 400 race

Každá Plechovka Se Počítá takes part in Red Bull’s 400 race 1920 1080 adminEirini

Dubbed “the hardest 400 meters in life” , Red Bull’s extreme running race is not for the faint-hearted as it requires stamina and great technique. Taking place in Liberec and returning after two years, it’s an impressive sports spectacle that Každá Plechovka Se Počítá, our programme in Czech Republic, was delighted to participate in.

Thankfully, the task of our programme’s recycling ambassadors was much easier than reaching the finishing line! The Every Can Counts backpackers were there to help people recycle their empty cans and highlight the importance of aluminium can recycling and circular economy.

A popular cross-border event, Red Bull 400 is something we’re always looking forward to returning to!

Rude Boys & Girls Recycle with Every Can Counts at the Irish International Ska & Reggae Festival

Rude Boys & Girls Recycle with Every Can Counts at the Irish International Ska & Reggae Festival 1920 1080 adminEirini

Every Can Counts celebrated the return to live music events in Ireland at the Irish International Ska & Reggae festival this September.  Alongside Ball Corporation, Every Can Counts created the first ever ska inspired PixelCan.

Music lovers took time out from skanking (dancing) to enter a competition to win one of two mini breaks by posting pictures with the PixelCan on social media and tagging the Every Can Counts accounts.  Meanwhile, Ball Corporation kept the audience hydrated by sampling Cano Water, and giving away the hugely popular aluminium cup.

Of course Every Can Counts ambassadors were onsite to help members of the public to recycle their drink cans and cups with ease into their recycling backpacks.

With huge support from the artists in the form of shout outs, and musical tributes, the onsite signage at the festival stage, the PixelCan activations and our ambassadors meeting festival goers, we reached 100% of event attendees with our messages over this unforgettable weekend.

The fun did not stop there, we brought the festival to the sea side town of Tramore each day, reaching way beyond the festival gates, and inviting members of the community to get in on the fun. 

Check out Olliverio Olly Riva from The Magnetics singing the song ”Every Can Counts” during the Irish International Ska & Reggae festival!

Summer Recycling Tour: The new big challenge for Chaque Canette Compte

Summer Recycling Tour: The new big challenge for Chaque Canette Compte 2560 1280 adminEirini

After roaming the beaches of Ardèche as part of the first-ever Every Can Counts European Recycling Tour, the Chaque Canette Compte team is taking on a new challenge this summer, in collaboration with its partner Citeo: to visit the largest beaches in France and collect as many drink cans as possible, while raising awareness among vacationers about the infinite recyclability of aluminium. 

From La Baule to Nice, via Île-de-Ré, Biarritz and Marseille, and for nearly a month the recycling ambassadors of Chaque Canette Compte will carry out a real Tour de France by visiting more than 20 popular French beaches that will also be the busiest this summer. Equipped with backpacks and a new generation of rolling-baskets for collection, painted in the colours of the programme, the teams will surely be spotted by the bathers!

“Summer holidays by the sea are key moments when it comes to consuming drink cans away from home. This makes it an ideal opportunity for our teams to educate consumers about the correct ways of sorting and recycling of drink cans through incentives and participatory collection in these highly sensitive places. The objective will be to reach as many French people as possible, invite them to recycle their cans more easily by reaching out to them, answer any questions they might have about sorting, and informing them about the subject”, adds Lucien Debever, Director of the Every Can Counts programme in France.

For those less fortunate that will not be able to visit the beaches, there will be online contests inviting users to participate in a virtual “recycling tour” and win various prizes!

For Serbia, this summer is all about festivals!

For Serbia, this summer is all about festivals! 2560 1709 adminEirini

Music can have a big impact on the lives of people, but so does recycling! So what’s better than combining these two? The Serbian team of Every Can Counts couldn’t agree more and they’re working this summer with various festivals to raise more awareness about the importance of putting one’s empties in the right bin. 

GOČ EKO fest for the first time in Vrnjačka Banja

Bringing together recycling, ecology and electronic music, Svaka limenka se računa has collaborated with GOČ EKO  (25-27 June) to organize creative workshops related to sustainability and the environment along with the Recan Foundation. 

Exit Festival 

At Exit festival, a world-renowned event, guests had the chance to participate in the now-famous Every Can Counts Pixelata, an art mural composed of 2000 cans, and witness inspiring various environmental campaigns and activities by different organizations that share the same vision with EXIT Foundation:  to protect the planet and all life on it! Surely a great way to honour the festival’s motto, “Celebrate life!”. 

But that’s not all!

During August, the Recan Foundation and the ECC initiative will be present at the Lovefest (5-7/8) in Vrnjacka Banja with backpack-carrying recycling ambassadors and a designated recycle zone. At the OK festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina (13-15 August), there will be engaging activations, such as the Pixelata, an XO magic box, a Voting machine, as well as the programme’s, always active, backpackers. At the Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro (26-29/8), guests will be able to create their own colourful Pixelata, along with great summer memories!

“Circula tu lata” is back on the Spanish beaches

“Circula tu lata” is back on the Spanish beaches 2048 1365 adminEirini

Spanish beach cities and Cada Lata Cuenta have come together, once again, to promote recycling on the beaches and sustainable tourism.

It has now become a tradition in Spain: Cada Lata Cuenta and the communities of various sun-drenched cities working together to celebrate a sustainable way of life and a more circular world.

The backpackers of “Circula tu lata” campaign will hit the beach and tour in beautiful summer destinations, such as A Coruña, Cádiz, Málaga, and Valencia to spread the message and raise awareness about the importance of recycling beverage cans.

This campaign could not be complete without the support of the respective city councils, showing once again their continuous commitment to improving the sustainability of their cities. The campaign’s recycling ambassadors will also ask citizens to complete short surveys on drink can consumption and recycling habits.

Can Art & Design Festival: When art and cans coexist

Can Art & Design Festival: When art and cans coexist 1920 1277 adminEirini

During Can Art & Design Festival, art enthusiasts from all over Romania are given the chance to give new shape, form and, eventually, life to aluminium cans. 

The 2021 edition presented 85 artistic creations, all in the form of paintings, while the six most popular artworks were rewarded with prizes between 500 and 1000 Euros. They are now the subject of exhibitions organised in cities like Pitesti, Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, and Constanta until the end of August.

This creative initiative is a project of Every Can Counts Romania, reaching now its eighth edition, which was by far the most important in terms of the number of entries and the quality of artistic creations. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight not only the importance of aluminium as a recyclable material but also the artists’ vision of the world and of the environment. Among the winning artworks was the painting “Symbiosis of Generations”, by Maria Petrariu, which combines the portraits of two representative personalities in the fight for environmental protection and sustainability: Sir David Attenborough and the environmental activist Greta Thunberg.
The exhibition is organized in partnership with VIVO!, a chain of shopping malls in Romania, and brings together 15 of the most appreciated artworks of the contest, helping Every Can Counts to inspire and increase awareness about the importance of cans.

Making Every Can Count At The British Grand Prix

Making Every Can Count At The British Grand Prix 2560 1440 adminEirini

Every Can Counts UK joined forces with Silverstone race circuit to encourage people to recycle their empty drink cans at this year’s British Grand Prix.

With a crowd of over 140,000 fans in attendance at the race on Sunday Jul 18, and 350,000 in attendance across the weekend, the 2021 British Grand Prix became the largest event to take place in the UK since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

And with 30-degree heat over the weekend, there was no shortage of cans being enjoyed around the circuit. We knew we were in the right place to make a real difference!

Our partnership with Silverstone brought two head-turning can recycling installations to the event: our famous #EveryCanCounts Rainbow installation and brand new SILVERSTONE can recycling cages. Both installations were hugely popular photo opportunities, providing race fans with a lasting memory of their British Grand Prix experience while also keeping recycling front of mind.

While the cars were racing around the track, we also had a team of recycling ambassadors doing laps of their own around the venue. Our team conducted recycling surveys and spread the word about the benefits of recycling drink cans, while their can recycling backpacks made it easier for attendees to recycle around the circuit.

We’d like to think our messaging impacted Sebastian Vettel over the weekend, who stuck around after the Grand Prix to take part in a litter pick. Any cans collected during the pick were separated at a sorting facility and then recycled. Vettel commented: “I think it is important that we all respect the environment and don’t rely on other people to clear up after us. We have to start somewhere and each one of us can make a difference now.” Well said Seb – we couldn’t agree more!

Our ‘CAN do’ attitude clearly rubbed off on reigning champion Lewis Hamilton too, who took a crowd-pleasing home victory in Sunday’s race which only enhanced the electric atmosphere around the circuit.

We really enjoyed our first ever British Grand Prix and want to thank everyone who recycled their cans with us over the weekend. Aluminium recycles forever, so who knows – maybe those recycled cans will end up as part of a racing car doing laps around Silverstone one day! 

Want to find out more about Every Can Counts UK? Get in touch with our team here.