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The ReSTART Campaign Encourages People to Change Their Habits

The ReSTART Campaign Encourages People to Change Their Habits 1444 964 Administrador

With large-scale events on hold for the near future, Every Can Counts encourages people to continue their recycling efforts at home with the Recycling Challenge, a viral initiative that has taken off in Spain and is now being launched across Europe. How can you take part? It’s easier than you think!

The Recycling Challenge wants to breathe life into a new beginning – because that’s how we see this difficult time and the challenges it brings. The Recycling Challenge provides people with a creative way to show off their coordination and innovative spirit while doing their part for the environment and recycling their cans. We know that every good intention needs a bit of a push to get started, ideally in a way that’s fun and cool, so we want to spotlight this drive.

Simply enough, Every Can Counts is challenging people to film themselves placing an aluminium drink can in a recycling bin in the most creative way possible. Does that sound easy? Think of your own creative way to get that can into the bin. If you’re lacking inspiration, check out Instagram, but there’s no limit to what you can create. All posts with the hashtag #RecyclingChallenge will be featured on Every Can Counts channels.

This is all part of the initiative’s ReSTART campaign that encourages people to change their habits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative is separated into several parts that are the steps symbolizing working to a better future and combining all our individual efforts with the greater goal of a circular economy.

Individual Steps:

The #ReSTART manifesto: R (e) THINK – R (e) COVER – R (e) CYCLE – R (e) INVENT – R (e) START

These steps are represented using special creative motifs on the national Every Can Counts social media accounts. The #ReSTART campaign wants to make people think while showing that we can all take something positive from this special time. It’s just a matter of finding ways to our individual actions to reinvent ourselves as human beings. If we do that, we will wake up in a smarter, cleaner, and healthier world; a circular world.

Aluminium Cans Are the Most Recycled Packaging in Poland

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According to the latest data (Warsaw, May 11, 2020), the aluminium drink can recycling rate was over 80.5% in Poland during 2018. It’s another year where the level exceeded 80%, well-beyond the EU requirement of 51%. This exceptional and stable result makes aluminium packaging the leader in terms of recycling, which was achieved thanks to an effectively functioning commercial collection system, and the new local regulations on extended producer responsibility should take into account well-functioning and tested solutions developed by the aluminium industry.

The aluminium beverage can is currently the most recycled packaging waste in Poland. This achievement was possible thanks to a nationwide network of collection points and scrap yards buying beverage cans from consumers. It’s a self-financing system that is economically and environmentally effective. The aluminium industry’s involvement in the recycling process has also significantly contributed to this great result. Put simply, domestic can-makers in cooperation with aluminium suppliers are successfully closing the recycling loop.

In accordance with EU regulations, an entrepreneur introducing packaging to the market covers the costs of collecting, transporting, cleaning, and, in extreme cases, finance their recycling. Aluminium packaging, which is the most valuable secondary raw material in municipal waste, does not generate additional costs and there is no need to pay extra for its processing. In the case of aluminium, the value of the raw material collected covers all related costs. The special advantage of this metal should be taken into account when developing Polish Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations the government is currently producing.

We are aware that it is necessary to introduce new solutions that will ensure compliance with ambitious EU recycling levels. At the same time, as an industry that has been working hard for years to achieve the current levels of aluminium can recycling, we expect the new regulations to incorporate the system that is already effective today at all legal, operational, and financial levels,” said Bartomiej Wojdyło, acting sustainability director of CANPACK Group and RECAL Foundation board member.

One of the solutions discussed is the introduction of a deposit on beverage packaging, which can contribute to raising the overall levels of packaging waste recycling. When designing the deposit system for beverage packaging, it should be remembered that surpluses generated from the sale of valuable raw materials cannot financially support other packaging. The introduction of a deposit system for all packaging in Poland that is being considered today should first apply to packaging that is difficult to separate from the household waste stream, because it is often the only way to achieve the required recovery levels.

“The RECAL Foundation, representing the aluminium packaging recovery industry, is of the opinion that the DRS should first be introduced for packaging where it is the shortest and perhaps the only way to achieve the required levels of recovery,” – President of the RECAL Foundation Board Jacek Wodzisławiski said. “The system already being implemented should assume the possibility of future extensions to other packaging and be treated as a supplement to the Extended Producer Responsibility system,” Jacek Wodzisławski added. Fees incurred by producers should cover the costs of processing a type of packaging so that the system is effective. Lower costs will increase the amount of mono-material packaging or those easy to process, such as aluminium beverage cans. Such a solution will significantly increase the importance of environmentally-friendly packaging for subsequent processing.

UK Drink Can Recycling Rate Increases to 76%

UK Drink Can Recycling Rate Increases to 76% 1423 800 Administrador

Recycling a drink can is an opportunity to do infinite good, and more and more people are choosing to keep the cycle going – the UK drink can recycling rate reached a new high of 76% in 2019! 

Click here to read the full news release by Alupro, the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, announcing the 2019 UK aluminium packaging recycling rates.

Chris Latham-Warde, Every Can Counts UK Programme Manager, said: “Our vision is for every can in the UK to be recycled, so it’s really encouraging to see that we’re making progress in the right direction.  In the past 5 years, the drink can recycling rate has increased by an impressive 16% in the UK.  This is testament to the ongoing improvements being made by the recycling industry and the considered actions being taken by consumers to ensure their empty drink cans are placed in the right bin.”

A survey of 10,000 people conducted by Every Can Counts across 30 sporting and music events in the UK last year suggests where attention is needed in order to further close the gap to a 100% recycling rate.  The survey results revealed that the majority of consumers are keen for more can recycling bins in public spaces, with 60 per cent of respondents calling for more facilities on UK streets, 56 per cent calling for more facilities at beaches and 51 per cent asking for more provision at music and sporting events.

Every Can Counts continues its work with partners across the UK to improve ‘on the go’ can recycling facilities. These projects form a fundamental part of the programme’s mission to empower and inspire consumer behaviour change.  While activities at events and festivals have been put on hold this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the programme has adapted and continues to raise awareness of the many benefits of recycling drink cans through its increased media and digital outreach.  And the team are ready and waiting to take the recycling message back into the physical world when life ‘on the go’ resumes.  


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One of the biggest perks of our job is meeting people at outdoor events and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere so characteristic for summertime festivals. No matter where you are in Europe, Every Can Counts will be where things are happening and where people are drinking from cans! We had to take a break during the last three months that presented a situation where we had to suspend these activities and take a step back. That’s why we concentrated on our #ReSTART campaign to turn our interest inward to work on how we can all become better people.

However, we are also seemingly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and life is slowly returning to normal. Before we launch into our summer whirlwind, let’s remember the best #GoodVibes from years past. So what has ECC done in recent years?

  • PIXELATA: The art of recycling captured in one mural made from 2000 drink cans! This multiple award-winning project fuses art, environmental awareness, and social participation. #Pixelata is one of the most popular Every Can Counts activations first introduced in Spain in 2017. Have a look at the best Pixelata designs we’ve created at festivals and sporting events all over Europe!
  • BACKPACKS: Summer event participants are sure to be familiar with the ECC team with special backpacks! You can see us like this at music festivals, beaches, and sporting events across Europe where we use our EEC packs to collect cans. The backpacks are specially designed so the cans can be quickly and safely collected while it’s easy to change their appearance according to the event. ECC in the field!
  • LETTERS: Another great way of promoting can recycling at events are our letters, ideally in the initials of the event name or using a pictogram.
  • VOTING BOOTHS: Rock or pop? Cats or dogs? Beaches or ski slopes? Tell us what’s closer to your heart and vote in our booths. How? Just throw the empty can into the opening that represents your preference and then watch how the voting develops. It’s another way of connecting recycling with entertainment!

Canettes d’Or II: “And the nominees are…”

Canettes d’Or II: “And the nominees are…” 1200 900 Administrador

Following the success of the very first edition in 2017, the French can industry supported by Chaque Canette Compte and its partner CITEO organized Les Canettes d’OR and held a lavish award ceremony in December 2019.

130 candidates from major and smaller brands registered new cans produced in 2019 for nominations in several categories: Best Soft Drink Can Design; Best Beer Can Design; Small New Brand Can Design; etc… Moreover, Chaque Canette Compte and CITEO also nominated NGOs, program partners, and organizers of large events to award 3 specific prizes: Best Collecting Partner in the Program; Best Initiative Using CCC Devices; and Best Event with CCC. Special guests were present to celebrate cans, such as the Director of Tour de France (the event that won the CCC Canette D’or for Best Sustainable Event) and the directors of communication from Coke and Pepsico, who together received special Brands Engaged with CCC trophies for their hard work with us to deploy sustainable campaigns all over France.

Jivay, the most popular beer Youtuber in France was on hand to bring publicity to the event. He also took part in the jury along with design and communication specialists and journalists to bring diversity and fresh views.

The large and festive ceremony included a fantastic Pixelcan right next to the Champs Elysées where the event took place. This was certainly the biggest opportunity to bring together brands, both big and small, from the overall market, journalists, youtubers, as well as our CCC partners like NGOs, CITEO, municipalities, and big event organizers. It’s also a testament to our 10-year engagement in France.

Cada Lata cuenta goes to Iberian Festival Awards nominated as Best Service Provider

Cada Lata cuenta goes to Iberian Festival Awards nominated as Best Service Provider 2000 1333 Administrador

On March 18, we should have been in Lisbon, calming our nerves seated among the rest of the Iberian Festival Awards nominees. However, no one read our name. In fact, none of the nominees heard their names that night. The IFA gala had to be postponed to October because of the Covid19 pandemic and the entire music festival sector has been affected since then.

It was a good decision to make health the priority, but it was also very sad because we now have to wait eight months to know if we will be recognized for all the work done over the past year.

We were hoping to win the Best Services Provider category for all our activities at 2019 festivals, but we are also proud to be considered among the nominees for Best Brand Activation along with Estrella de Galicia for our #daralata (#giveusthecan) campaign.

This campaign sponsored by a very well-known beer brand took us to the 5 major Galician festivals last summer. It was a fun and exhausting summer where we jumped from one festival to another, Celtic music to heavy metal, hearing everything from the pop of Rosalia to the rock of Iggy Pop.

We hope festivals will recover from this crisis soon, and when they do, we will be there to contribute to their sustainability next summer and beyond. Meanwhile, we will wait to see our wider festival family in Lisbon in October. Maybe we will return to Madrid with an award. Who knows? However, the best prize was to have these incredible experiences from Galicia, one of the most magical and caring places in our country.