A Tasty Story from Tašmajdan Park: Food and Recycling

A Tasty Story from Tašmajdan Park: Food and Recycling

A Tasty Story from Tašmajdan Park: Food and Recycling 1904 563 Matina Zavoudaki

From May 10th to 12th, the Street Food Festival delighted visitors at Tašmajdan Park, with our Serbian initiative, Svaka limenka se računa, actively participating in promoting drink can recycling and environmental conservation.

Throughout the three-day festival, attendees enjoyed a diverse array of cuisines from around the world, including American, Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and traditional Serbian dishes. Amidst the culinary delights, our team facilitated a socially responsible campaign encouraging festival-goers to recycle their aluminium cans. Multiple recycling points were strategically placed across the venue, equipped with special bins for easy disposal, accompanied by recycling ambassadors with the programme’s signature backpacks designed to collect used cans on the spot.

Adding to the festival’s artistic flair, street art performers created a striking PixelCan installation made from 2,000 recycled cans. This installation served as a visual reminder of the importance of recycling and environmental protection. Tašmajdan Park welcomed over 15,000 visitors during the festival, including young people, families, tourists, and food enthusiasts, all enjoying the picturesque surroundings of one of Belgrade’s most beautiful parks.

This event marks the first in a series of Street Food Festivals planned for this year, where Svaka limenka se računa will continue its mission to raise awareness about environmental stewardship and the significance of recycling.