Every Can Counts: The International Recycling Tour 2023 showed the world that together we CAN make a difference

Every Can Counts: The International Recycling Tour 2023 showed the world that together we CAN make a difference

Every Can Counts: The International Recycling Tour 2023 showed the world that together we CAN make a difference 2048 942 Matina Zavoudaki

Promoting the endless potential of drink can recycling across 20 cities, the extraordinary event demonstrated that recycling can be both impactful and enjoyable.

Who said recycling is not fun? Embracing a commitment to a world that operates circularly, Every Can Counts launched the third edition of the International Recycling Tour. This upbeat campaign, designed to coincide with World Environment Day and advocate for sustainable living, ignited a sense of inspiration and environmental awareness among millions of individuals throughout Europe and Brazil, both on behalf the ground and online.

Over 120 recycling ambassadors, easily identifiable by their distinctive green backpacks, roamed bustling urban centres, lush parks, popular beaches, and renowned festivals, spreading the powerful message that “Drink Cans Recycle Forever.” Their presence captivated passersby, urging them to recycle their empty cans on the spot, as they invited one and all to embark on the magical journey of drink can recycling. 

From the vibrant Mediterranean destinations of Marseille, Seville, and Bari to the picturesque alleys of Kotor and the scenic banks of the Danube in Vienna and Prague, the spirited backpackers engaged with locals and tourists alike. Their mission: to raise awareness about the infinite possibilities of aluminium can recycling and help affect tangible change in our environment. This year, the initiative also partnered with popular festivals such as Pride Utrecht, Piknik Elektronik in Brussels, and the Mighty Hoopla Festival in London’s Brockwell Park. And then there were the interactive games, competitions and surveys, bringing a vibrant showcase of sustainability initiatives in a total of 20 cities across 16 countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

David Van Heuverswyn, Director of Every Can Counts Europe, warmly expressed this sentiment, stating, “A huge thank you to everyone across Europe and Brazil who participated in the International Recycling Tour 2023! Together, we turned recycling into an endless party while delivering a resounding message about the power of collective action in creating a truly circular economy. We keep working towards our vision to inspire behaviour change and help reach 100% can recycling. Let’s #KeepTheCycleGoing!”.

The Every Can Counts #PixelCan: Impressive Pop-Up Installations remind us that recycling is an art form in itself

At the heart of this inspiring initiative lies the award-winning #PixelCan, a testament to Every Can Counts’ innovation and creative spirit. Composed of around 2,000 drink cans meticulously arranged to form mesmerizing pixelated murals, these impressive works of art not only captivate viewers from afar but also showcase the infinite possibilities of aluminium recycling, reminding us of the beauty and potential of each and every can. Collaborating with talented local street artists, the participating countries presented unique mural themes inspired by the spirit of World Environment Day.

Partnerships with local authorities, popular drink brands and eco-conscious influencers helped generate extra attention for the cause, showcasing how easy it is to recycle empty cans and inviting people to share their own recycling stories under the hashtag #IRT2023. 

The campaign culminated with the release of a captivating highlight video showing the world that together we CAN make a difference while having fun! 

Full list of #IRT2023 locations: Athens, Bari, Brasilia, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Budva, Dublin, Graz, Iasi, Kotor, London, Marseille, Seville, Prague, Utrecht, Vienna, Warsaw, Zemun and Zrenjanin.