recycled aluminium

Every Can Counts for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

Every Can Counts for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade 1800 800 Administrador

When art imitates life! The versatility of aluminium is showcased in a very imaginative way with this fashionable project by the Serbian team of Every Can Counts.

Specifically, in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and drawing inspiration from the work of acclaimed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, artist Viktor Kiš created a wedding dress from recycled aluminium. The project took about 100 working hours to complete. It was made to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and sustainable living. For this to happen, Viktor worked with various iron bending machines to successfully process the metal sheets.

The original dress that inspired this installation was based on the Love is Love: Wedding Bliss for All a la Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. It featured eight dresses by the famous designer and took place at MoCAB recently.

This bold and playful sculpture from recycled aluminium is now exhibited at Usce, Belgrade’s biggest shopping mall. An eye-catching installation that piques the shoppers interest and spreads the message that every can counts!