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The Every Can Counts One Minute Brief

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Our programme in the UK partnered up with One Minute Briefs, challenging Twitter users with the following design brief: 

Create posters that highlight the infinite recyclability of drink cans and inspire people to do the right thing with their empties. #EveryCanCounts 

The one-day challenge got more than 200 entries! Twitter users submitted their unique designs and sketches. Each one of them highlighted aluminium as a permanent material, and the environmental benefits of drink can recycling. 

There were so many gems among the submissions that picking the top 3 designs was no easy task for the Every Can Counts UK team.

The winners list:

1st place: @rowan_softley

This design ticks all of our boxes! It’s creative, clever, and it communicates the benefits of can recycling in a simple but really effective way.

2nd place: @jackhally

What better than a classic movie reference to help bring the recycling story to life? This minimal design is subtle but it really makes an impact. Great work.

3rd place: @StuartWitts

A clever design that both grabs attention and clearly illustrates the timelessness of a recycled drink can. Nice one Stuart!

Honorable mentions:

However, the submissions’ list doesn’t end here. Feeling inspired? Take a look at the collection with all the entries

Every can counts and by recycling your empties you leave a positive impact on the planet saving valuable energy and resources. Spreading the message was the purpose of the brief and, ultimately, it was creatively achieved!