Cada Lata Cuenta launches a recycling campaign in Las Fallas

Cada Lata Cuenta launches a recycling campaign in Las Fallas 2560 1707 adminEirini

The Spanish team of Every Can Counts has participated for the first time in Las Fallas, launching a recycling campaign during the festivities to raise awareness about the importance of putting one’s empties in the right bin. Las Fallas, one of the most beautiful festivals in Spain and an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2016, takes place in the capital of the Valencian Community every year from 15 to 19 March.

Every spring, this super-festival attracts many locals and foreigners to celebrate Saint Joseph with the creation and destruction of ninots (caricature pieces inspired from current social issues). This year, Cada Lata Cuenta joined forces with the festival’s organizers to help keep the cycle going with educational  posters about recycling along with the Every Can Counts backpackers who encouraged visitors to recycle their drink cans during the festival.

A highlight of the event was a ninot made by a local artist about the recycling campaign “Metal Never Dies”. The sculpture represented a rock star recycling beverage cans, just like the Spanish legends who partnered with Cada Lata Cuenta to create the recycling rock anthem. This fallas recycling campaign continues, driven by the objective of the program which lies in raising awareness through emotions, art and culture.

“Metal Never Dies” campaign continues reaching  people and spreading the message about the infinite life cycle of aluminium. Promoting sustainability and a more circular world through rock music, this creative initiative has received the best video award at the Rockferéndum of La Heavy magazine.