“Your Can, Your Donation’’ recycling campaign supports children in need

“Your Can, Your Donation’’ recycling campaign supports children in need 1904 573 adminEirini

 34 return vending machines have been installed in SPAR stores in Hungary to recycle for charity

From  March 31, Minden Doboz Visszajár, the Every Can Counts initiative in Hungary, launched a recycling campaign that invites people to return their drink cans to the reverse vending machine and give to a good cause.

In partnership with SPAR Hungary, the second largest retail company in the country,  the “Your Can, your Donation” campaign gives recyclers the unique opportunity to turn their drink cans into tangible support: help “Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat” (Hungarian Maltese Charity Service) to organize summer camps for children with disabilities and vulnerable families. Shoppers in 34 SPAR stores now have the option to select “Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat”  as the donation recipient for their drink can deposit refund and make a real difference:  by donating their drink can, they are stopping it from going into the environment, but also having great benefits for their community.

The launch campaign was promoted by popular Hungarian influencers who not only recycled their cans at the reverse vending machines but also encouraged their audience to be part of the initiative. More than 1.000 drink cans per day were collected during the first week, and the numbers grow fast as this simple concept makes recycling attractive to consumers, benefits the environment, and gives back to society.