Every Can Counts Romania: The Recycling Gate appears at the Bicycle Salon in Bucharest

Every Can Counts Romania: The Recycling Gate appears at the Bicycle Salon in Bucharest 2157 1440 adminEirini

From April 1st to April 3rd, Every Can Counts Romania joined forces with Bicycle Salon in Bucharest. While at the biggest exhibition that is dedicated to cycling enthusiasts, our team launched an open invitation to inspire more people to recycle their drink cans and spread the message about the infinite life cycle of aluminium.

But that wasn’t all! The total amount  from  the cans collected was donated to the ‘’Red Cross’’ for refugee relief campaigns. To boost the recycling efforts during the three-day event, Every Can Counts Romania launched numerous social media campaigns encouraging people to collect as many aluminum cans as possible prior to the event and bring them to the Every Can Counts Recycling Gate, an installation made out of aluminum cans in the form of a gate. This installation was used as a mobile collecting point. The Recycling Gate is a replica of the artwork ‘’The Gate of the Kiss’’ of the world renowned Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancuși, the most important sculptor of the 20th century, and is part of an ensemble of three sculptures. The other two  are  ‘’The Endless Column’’ and ‘’The Table’’. 

Visitors were also invited to join the CAN GAMES! By arranging the cubes and finding the right solution, participants had the chance to win prizes on the spot. Also, the eye-catching Every Can Counts recycling bicycles were at the spotlight of the event, keeping people in shape while also giving them the opportunity to help the environment through fun activities. Participants who were able to compress at least 50 cans won prizes on the spot. Every Can Counts volunteers were also there, equipped with colorful backpacks on one mission: to ensure the separate collection of every aluminum can.

The Bicycle Salon, the yearly outdoor event, was hosted by the largest mall in Eastern Europe, Baneasa Shopping City parking lot.