World Environment Day 2022

For the second year in a row, the “on the go” recycling campaign of Every Can Counts returns, bigger and better! If there was one core message from the Recycling Tour 2021, it’s this: People care about the environment more than ever and want to more actively participate in recycling. Last year’s inspiring, positive embrace of the programme’s recycling ambassadors empowered Every Can Counts to double down on this year’s efforts and expand its activities beyond the European borders. Therefore, for World Environment Day 2022, the tour proudly adds Brazil and Colombia, in a dynamic bid to spread the message about a more circular economy in Latin America as well.

The International Recycling Tour’s goal is to remind people that keeping public outdoor spaces clean is a collaborative effort. Small everyday acts, like proper waste disposal, can help us all towards a more sustainable living and a healthier planet. With this in mind, more than 100 recycling ambassadors will roam parks, cities, and beaches, donning their vibrant backpacks in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Their mission? To encourage people to keep public outdoor spaces clean and recycle their drink cans wherever they are.