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Mission Possible: Running a festival that produces zero waste

Mission Possible: Running a festival that produces zero waste 1920 1080 adminEirini

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to organise a waste-free festival when it comes to beverage packaging?

That’s what Każda Puszka Cenna, -the Every Can Counts in Poland- managed to achieve during the Męskie Granie event in Żywiec. With an audience of 5,000 people, it certainly paid to aim high when it comes to recycling at big events. Anyone visiting the Męskie Granie – and thirsty – had only two options of packaging to choose from: either aluminium drink cans or returnable glass. All drink cans were collected either in special letter bins or by our program’s recycling ambassadors with their backpacks.

By combining our motivated animators teams, an educational programme, social media communication and additional recycling containers placed strategically on the festival field, we have literally managed to close the aluminium loop. Our local team was extremely proud to be working with the Żywiec Group that made this festival possible, and is looking forward to even better results with even bigger audiences in the future.