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&ΞANA We CAN Dance: A creative campaign by Kathe Kouti Metrai

&ΞANA We CAN Dance: A creative campaign by Kathe Kouti Metrai 2496 1406 adminEirini

&ΞANA (&AGAIN in Greek) is an energetic campaign that brings together selected Greek creatives with our local programme Kathe Kouti Metrai and the Every Can Counts mission to encourage  people to recycle their drink cans wherever they are, and to have fun doing so. 

Inspired by the unique properties of aluminium drink cans, that can be recycled over and over again – essentially forever – the campaign’s goal is to create original content that highlights the importance of on-the-go recycling, while promoting the principles of a more circular economy. 

&ΞANA Vol1 – We CAN Dance 

What do recycling and dancing have in common? Just like with dancing, in order to start the infinite recycling cycle, all you need is someone to make the first step. And, as with almost everything, change can only happen when it starts from within our own self. For Matthew Papadopoulos, an award-winning choreographer and founding member of the legendary LoonaBeats Crew in Thessaloniki, this was the core idea behind his powerful dance act that aims to inspire people to change attitudes and behaviours around drink can recycling.

Through a dynamic, energetic choreography, Matthew along with eight more dancers, show us how small gestures in our everyday life can have a big impact on the environment and invite us to think about what we can do today to make a difference tomorrow; placing the empty drink cans in the right bin is the first and most important step of the can recycling journey – an incredibly quick process where old drink cans become part of a new bike, car, coffee pot or even new cans within 60 days of being collected. And everything starts again &AGAIN, forever. 

We CAN dance, we can make a difference! Watch the full video 👇

Concept-choreography: Matthew Papadopoulos @matthewpap_lbc, @academy_skg

Directed by: @yourwhitemoments

Dancers: @maria.vernardou, @alex.savides, @laertisiskoss, @stella_mpakirtzi, @stephaniechatz, @vasilis_karajohn, @jimmy_orlia, @sia_mouss