Greener Carnivals In Greece: ΕCC’s Impactful Partnership With Alfa Beer 

Greener Carnivals In Greece: ΕCC’s Impactful Partnership With Alfa Beer 

Greener Carnivals In Greece: ΕCC’s Impactful Partnership With Alfa Beer  1903 566 Matina Zavoudaki

Building on their successful partnership from renowned summer festivals, our Greek chapter, Kathe Kouti Metrai, has now teamed up with Athenian Brewery to introduce ECC’s innovative drink can recycling solutions during Apokries, the Greek carnival season. This brand partnership sees ALFA Beer, one of the country’s most loved beer brands, collaborate with our programme to raise awareness about the importance of recycling drink cans at, not one but two of Greece’s popular carnival celebrations: The Carnival of Xanthi and the Carnival of Rethymno!

The initiative aims to support both the sustainability efforts of the festivities and local communities through the proceeds of recycling activities. 

Carnival of Xanthi

The Carnival of Xanthi, the nation’s second-largest, offered thousands of attendees a firsthand look at ECC’s recycling ambassadors in action. Joining forces with the Municipality of Xanthi, the initiative aimed to facilitate the separate collection of drink cans and raise environmental awareness among carnival-goers.

To achieve their objective, colossal recycling bins, crafted to spell out the city’s name, were positioned in front of the Xanthi FC Arena. These bins served dual purposes: facilitating drink can recycling and providing a distinctive backdrop for snapshots during the festivities. Throughout the grand parade, our recycling ambassadors, donning their iconic backpacks, engaged locals and tourists alike in the recycling effort, all while spreading the message of recycling with infectious enthusiasm and smiles. This collaborative initiative not only made recycling aluminum cans straightforward but also supported the local community, with the recycling proceeds destined for the Psychological Center of Xanthi.

The Carnival of Rethymno

Meanwhile, at the Carnival of Rethymno in Crete, the second year of partnership with the Municipality of Rethymnon brought us one step closer to helping reduce the event’s environmental footprint. Recycling stations were placed across key locations and popular areas to help carnival-goers recycle their empty cans and encourage active participation in the separate collection process. Moreover, attendees had the opportunity to recycle their empty cans in the giant metal bins, spelling out #RETHYMNO along the seaside of the old city, enhancing recycling opportunities.

During the carnival’s grand parade, a team of recycling ambassadors was at the heart of the festivities, helping carnival-goers recycle their drink cans on the go and raising awareness about the benefits of aluminum recycling in saving energy and preserving natural resources. The proceeds from the recycled drink cans will be donated to support the Rethymnon General Hospital. The #RETHYMNO installation will remain in the city as a permanent recycling station and a powerful reminder of aluminum’s infinite recyclability and the significant impact that simple acts, like recycling drink cans, can have on our communities.