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Every Can Counts: on the go, on-line and encouraging recycling across Europe!

28th October 2016

Recycling fans across Europe were united in their enthusiasm for drinks can recycling this summer, helping Every Can Counts reach more consumers than ever before through their activities at beaches, tourist attractions, shopping centres and music festivals. The fun also worked on-line thanks to a new game, which encouraged users of social media across Europe to learn more about recycling while collecting ‘virtual’ cans against the clock.

Every Can Counts Ireland rolls out new crushers

15th May 2016

In Ireland, an estimated 180 million drinks cans are consumed per annum outside the home, either ‘on the go’ or by employees in the workplace. Every Can Counts estimates that an organization of 50 employees could recycle 3,000 drinks cans per year by making recycling part of their everyday routine.

Every Can Counts Ireland campaign helps win Public Sector Award 2015

20th January 2016

Alupro Ireland is delighted to have won the Public Sector Award for Best Environmental Initiative 2015, due to an impressive number of campaigns run in 2015.