Drops Cycling Team partners with Every Can Counts to raise awareness for recycling at De Ronde Van Vlaanderen

With the Every Can Counts logo printed on their cycling gear, the Drops Team underlines key awareness messages concerning the need to collect and recycle each beverage can. Hopefully thousands of enthusiastic spectators will pick up this message. The Drops Team is sponsored by Alupro UK, the British aluminium packaging recycling organisation running Every Can Counts in the UK.

Alupro Executive Director, Rick Hindley says: “The partnership with Drops gives us a great opportunity to reach a large, and growing, audience of people who, through their enthusiasm for cycling, also obviously care about the environment. Recycling drink cans is one very easy way of making a positive impact on the environment, because the metal can be recycled forever, saving energy and resources every time.”

Today Mayor Joris Nachtergaele warmly welcomed the Drops Cycling Team to Maarkedal, a municipality along De Ronde Van Vlaanderen that has been particularly proactive in collecting cans and other packs used ‘out-of-home’.

"Recycling drink cans is one very easy way of making a positive impact on the environment"

Rick Hindley, Alupro Executive Director

During their visit, he stressed the importance of regularly informing each and every citizen about the need to keep the environment tidy. Avoiding littering by putting the cans in the right bins at home or at public places plays an essential role in this process.

Later this year Every Can Counts will be launched in Belgium with its participation in the arrival of the Tour de France in Liège on 2 July. Belgium will become the eleventh European country with an Every Can Counts programme.