Jede Dose Zaehlt helps students in Vienna get the recycling habit

UniLeben is a welcome event for first semester students at University of Vienna. This is the place to be for new students to get all the information they need for their studies and life as a student. Students are often busy, that’s what makes drinks cans so attractive to them. How to handle empty drinks cans after their use was vividly demonstrated at the „jede Dose zaehlt“ stand. Drinks cans can be easily crushed and afterwards collected in the local metal collection. However at the „jede Dose zaehlt“ stand at University of Vienna the special CanCRUSHer was an eye-catcher that students loved to try out on their own. The joy of can recycling ‘hands on’ was quickly spread!

Another popular feature was the „Question of the hour“, where everyone could prove their knowledge about can recycling and win instant prices, like can-shaped USB-sticks. The CanRiders helped with information and hints. Students also loved to take cool pictures for a Facebook photo competition, with the best picture was chosen by the online community after the event.  When young adults start to live independently and stand on their own two feet they must also start to consider their role in society, including taking responsibility for the protection of the environment and recycling. Sustainable thinking among students is getting more popular nowadays. Many came to the activity with their own questions about can recycling to the „jede Dose zaehlt“ CanRiders and critically questioned the campain.

Drinks cans are 100% recyclable, and without any quality loss reusable in an endless material cycle.  The key to make cans ‘environmentally friendly’ is to keep the metal in the resource cycle after their use. Providing students with recycling starter kits encourage this recycling behaviour and lead to it becoming part of an every day routine. In this process not only 95% of energy, but also CO2, resources and much more is saved compared to a production from scratch – and lots of new products can be made like bicycles, laptops, … and of course, more drinks cans!