Programme Launched


Brand Manager

Eirini Topouzidou (ad interim)

Funding Partners

Kathe Kouti Metrai was launched in May 2014 and the initial focus of the programme has been to raise awareness of the Kathe Kouti Metrai brand and the importance of recycling drinks cans ‘on the go’ to residents of Athens, so a summer launch was the perfect opportunity to make an impact at events in the city.

In its first six months Kathe Kouti Metrai participated in two summer festivals and established a good relationship with the green Beach Bar & Sports Club which hosts its own events programme. KKM also attended the Athens Beer Festival and the Bike Festival, which together attracted over 45,000 visitors.

Brand awareness is growing thanks to the establishment of bright green Kathe Kouti Metrai-branded collection points, including can crushers, boxes and re-branding of existing recycling points with our stickers and posters.  A website gives detailed information about the programme and how to get involved and Kathe Kouti Metrai is gaining a presence on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Linked in.

Visit the programme website for more information