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Chaque Canette Compte at the Fan Zone in Lille during Euro 2016

Euro 2016: What an honor to be the only “external partner authorised to operate” in the Fan Zone during such a huge world scale event. Chaque Canette Compte and its staff were called by the city of Lille to take care of the collection scheme during all the competition because they knew only us can provide such efficient results: 2.92 Tons of recycled mixed packaging!

Make 1,500 tons of out-of-home packaging « officially » count: In 3 years, Chaque Canette Compte's network of collecting partners was able to bring real out of home tons back to recycling, and these tons were financially supported by the green dot system in France for one of their first test in out of home issue, a virtuous cycle and great recognition for our 46 collecting partners (NGOs, charities, recycling small start uppers…) all over France.

Paris Games Week with Coca-Cola, a 350,000 cans record: Dealing with more than 572 events since 2010 allowed us to reach a new kind of iconic record for our activity, i.e. the highest amount of cans recycled, and it was during the Paris Games Week 2016, a big date from our partnership with Coca-Cola where 384,000 15cl can samples were distributed, that means a recycling rate of more than 90%, maybe another record for event recycling efficiency!

DIY workshop at Tour de France with Cada Lata Cuenta: Firstly with Every Can Counts UK, Chaque Canette Compte was able to demonstrate the European level of ECC’s programs in managing cross-country disposals during international events. CCC did it again with Cada Lata Cuenta in 2016 during le Tour de France which was routing trough Spain. A DIY workshop was settled welcoming both Spanish and French children but with one main message about can’s recycling.

7 years at 24 Heures du Mans: Our historical big yearly appointment for almost a decade! A true sustainability engagement with us in the ephemeral world of events… Several generations of young volunteers have now practiced collection activities during the 24 Heures du Mans. 420,000 cans were recycled over the last 7 years. Stars and VIPs of Le Mans always autograph our CCC boxes during the parade: “Hey Brad Pitt your can counts too!”

Paris Games Week with Coca-Cola: 350,000 sample cans collected by Chaque Canette Compte