Meet our team

In each country Every Can Counts is managed by a small team, overseen by a steering group made up of the funding partners. The European network is supported and overseen by the European Management Committee.

Rick Hindley

Director - Alupro UK

Rick has spent the past 20 years in a number of different roles in the packaging recycling industry as an aluminium specialist. He joined the Aluminium Can Recycling Association (ACRA) in 1989 as regional manager. He was heavily involved in the launch of the national programme to encourage consumers to recycle aluminium drinks cans. He has also worked for Alcan (now Novelis) and was responsible for the company’s UK used beverage can collection operation.  Rick joined Alupro in 2007 and was involved in setting up the original Every Can Counts programme, he is a member of the European Management Committee.

Jonathan Easthope

Brand Manager - Every Can Counts UK

Jonathan joined the Every Can Counts team in 2015 and manages the programme in the UK as Brand Manager for Every Can Counts. Jonathan first started working in the recycling industry in 2007 within the paper industry before moving into the aluminium sector. The Every Can Counts programme was launched in the UK in 2008 and has continued to grow across the UK by targeting and engaging with people consuming drinks cans away from the home


László Duma

Brand Manager - Minden Doboz Visszajar

Owner and general manager of Returpack Ltd; He is the founder of the unique inverse logistics solution for alucans, named Returpack. Beverage cans in Hungary are collected through voluntary take back, or Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) located mainly at retail outlets.

The Hungarian Every Can Counts programme was launched in 2012 to promote the voluntary joint packaging can collection system. Under the ECC flag consumers and collectors find all relevant information about cans and locations of VTBMs across Hungary.

Lucien Debever

Brand Manager - Chaque Canette Compte

After studying Environment and Business Management Lucien joined Ball Packaging to work on a carbon management project at the plant in Dunkerque. Around the same time that this project ended Beverage Can Makers Europe was getting ready to launch the first “Chaque Canette Compte” test in the north of France and Lucien was selected to be the Project Manager. Within a year the project had become well-established and it was decided to roll it out through France and become a true long term initiative. In 2012, Lucien became the Programme Director for Chaque Canette Compte, France.

Sylvain Jungfer

General Director - La Boîte Boisson

Sylvain's professional experience lead him to work for 14 years for Coca-Cola in France and 13 years in the juice business as General Manager for the French affiliate of Eckes-granini, the European juice leader. Thanks to his experience he became a beverage specialist which fitted with the GIE La Boîte Boisson expectations for a Délégué Général. Together with the support of BCME and Alupro UK we decided to launch a new initiative in France ’’Chaque Canette Compte’’ to develop the collection of cans in the out of home area. The French success has recently been recognized by the French sorting organisation Eco-Emballages.

Kathrin Stoiser

Brand Manager - Jede Dose Zaehlt

Kathrin started working in Public Relations in 2009 and since then served clients from many different industries. A few years ago her focus went to environmental clients in Austria, so working for Jede Dose Zaehlt is the perfect addition to her client portfolio.
Her agency Ecker & Partner develops integrated communication campaigns and focuses on a modern communication approach that includes all communication channels from classic media to social networks.

Jelena Kis

Brand Manager - Svaka Limenka se Racuna

Jelena holds a B.Sci. of Biology with expertise in Environment. In 2005 she started working for the Recan Foundation for Recycling of Beverage Cans. While working at Recan she got the opportunity to work with the biggest festivals in the region on a recycling programme. In Serbia she was also helping to define a better legislative framework to boost the used beverage can recycling rate and set packaging waste management recommendations.  Before Recan, Jelena was working as a Project Manager at The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe where she gained experience in environmental issues and waste management projects.

In 2013 Jelena started to implement Every Can Counts in Montenegro and launched in 2017 some first activities in Serbia and Slovenia.

Adina Magsi

Brand Manager - Every Can Counts Romania

Adina’s previous experience includes 15 years as a police officer and 2 years working at the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK-Kosovo). Since 2005 she has worked in the aluminium industry in Romania, first for Can-Pack Romania and then for used beverage can collector, AMEP. In 2010 she joined Alucro to develop the country’s packaging recycling infrastructure and launched Every Can Counts in 2012.  Adina says: “The Every Can Counts programme and the whole team is like one big family, with many cultural and economical differences but very united and visible at European level. I feel this is the perfect way to be raising awareness of the need to recycle and making people think differently about the can they hold in their hand.” 

Eirini Topouzidou

Brand Manager - Kathe Kouti Metrai

Kathe Kouti Metrai was launched in 2014 in Greece and is currently managed by Eirini Topouzidou from the agency UCME.

Pablo Garcia Serrano

Brand Manager - Cada Lata Cuenta

With a PhD in Urban Ecology, Pablo has been teaching and researching in many south-american countries focusing on urban issues such as waste management, urban stream ecology and urbanism. His interests are related with the interventions trough a participatory action-research approach. He has developed various community projects in Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Central America and Brazil.
He is officer of the Society for Human Ecology and member of the editorial board of Human Ecology Review.

Bartłomiej Wojdyło

Brand manager - Every Can Counts Poland

Bartłomiej has joined aluminium industry in 2011, working on various positions within the Can Pack Group. He is a graduate of International business, Logistics, Real estate brokerage, and Spanish philology. Since 2015 he is managing projects for Can Pack Recycling in the field of direct and indirect influence on aluminium cans recycling rates in different parts of the world. In 2017 he became a member of the Every Can Counts team to lead the new initiative in Poland.

David Van Heuverswyn

Brand manager - Every Can Counts Benelux

In 2008 David joined European Aluminium where he occupies a position as Coordinator Packaging Group. He is also coordinating the Every Can Counts activities at central European level and was challenged in 2017 to launch pilot activities in Belgium in view of establishing Every Can Counts in the Benelux. In 2018 the Every Can Counts Benelux programme will roll-out its activities in the Northern part of Belgium and the Netherlands while keeping on developing activities and participation at large events in the southern part of Belgium where it started last year.


Nemanja Komatovic

Project Coordinator at Recan Fond

Nemanja is bachelor with honours in environmental engineering.

In his student career, he was one of the founders of two festivals of environmental protection.
Later he worked at the “Vatrogas” institute as an engineer in the laboratory and performed tests of air, soil, waste and water.

In 2017 he joined the recan foundation and completely transformed the project "Limenka po Limenka" in Every can counts project.